In 1996, a cult film entitled "TRAINSPOTTING" was shown here in MANILA. I was very much interested to see the film on the big screen because of the reviews I read before it was shown here in MANILA. "TRAINSPOTTING" was indeed a deep film about life on Heroin Addiction. It stars EWAN McGREGOR (young Obi-Wan Kenobi on STAR WARS episode I,II,II) as Mark Renton. The film was based on an Irvine Welsh's novel which depicted on the life of Mark Renton as a drug-dependent person who struggles through life. It was directed by Danny Boyle. A great cult film indeed with a great soundtrack!!!
Listening to the music on the film made me bought the ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE soundtrack which includes music from NEW ORDER, IGGY POP, PRIMAL SCREAM, UNDERWORLD,etc. Definitely a great score for music enthusiast like me who loves this kind of music. Then a follow-up SOUNDTRACK was released due to the success of the first one. WOW!! Indeed another great collection of tunes from DAVID BOWIE, JOY DIVISION, HEAVEN 17,etc so I have to buy it. This second offering includes cuts which weren't included on the first one and also some songs that didn't appear on the final film, but were included at earlier stages or were used as inspiration by the filmmakers.

Definitely two great CDs for your collection!!! ANG GALING!!!

Trainspotting(Music from the Motion Picture)
1) Lust for Life- Iggy Pop
2) Deep Blue Day- Brian Eno
3) Trainspotting- Primal Scream
4) Atomic - Sleeper
5) Temptation - New Order
6) Nightclubbing- Iggy Pop
7) Sing- Blur
8) Perfect Day- Lou Reed
9) Mile End- Pulp
10)For What You Dream Of - (FULL-ON RENAISSANCE MIX) - Bedrock featuring KYO
11)– 2:1 – Elastica
12)A Final Hit- Leftfield
13)Born Slippy .NUXX- Underworld
14)Closet Romantic- Damon Albarn
Trainspotting #2(Music from the Motion Picture, Vol. #2)
1) Choose Life- PF Project
2) The Passenger - Iggy Pop
3) Dark & Long (Dark Train) - Underworld
4) Carmen Suite No.2- Georges Bizet
5) Statuesque - Sleeper
6) Golden Years - David Bowie
7) Think About the Way - Ice MC
8) A Final Hit- Leftfield
9) Temptation- Heaven 17
10)Nightclubbing (BABY DOC REMIX)- Iggy Pop
11)Our Lips Are Sealed - Fun Boy Three
12)Come Together- Primal Scream
13)Atmosphere- Joy Division
14)Inner City Life - Goldie
15)Born Slippy .NUXX (DARREN PRICE MIX) - Underworld

Some WXB102, DZBM POWER105, and NU107 staples are included on the two CDs. My favorite would be "ATMOSPHERE" by JOY DIVISION which is I consider a very eerie song and specially Ian Curtis vocals on it is just cool. "Passenger" by IGGY POP is a staple on 103.5 KLITE's LITEWAVE.

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