"R U Listening to U.R.?"- well, that's the famous station I.D. that I hear often whenever I get a chance to listen to the newly formatted RJ UNDERGROUND RADIO 105.9. This format came about early JULY of this year 2007 and I was just able to catch it last AUGUST. I find the playlist very interesting and as their DJs would say "We play CLASSIC ROCK, MODERN ROCK, and PINOY ROCK". Their radio dial LA 105.9 is the same FM dial which brought the PINOY ALTERNATIVE ROCK explosion of the early 90s but this time it is owned by Rajah Broadcasting Corporation which bought the station in 2006.

Last OCTOBER I was able to tune in to the early morning show of MICK ZINGER and MEMPHIS called "A.M. MAYHEM" before going to work and I find the show very cool. Great playlist indeed so if I have ample time in my schedule I listen to this morning show.

This December RJ Underground Radio 105.9 had these CHRISTMAS SPECIALS on their radio shows. YUP!! It was a great treat for their avid listeners. They started it out last DECEMBER 23 when HOWLIN DAVE's show "PINOY ROCK and RHYTHM" had their CHRISTMAS PINOY ROCK SPECIAL. I caught some of the show which was aired 12noon to 4pm and it was a refreshing rock show which showcased PINOY ROCK CHRISTMAS SONGS. Annng Galiiiing!! And last DECEMBER 24 and 25 RJ Underground Radion had a 48hour CHRISTMAS ROCK SPECIAL. Yup that's true 48hours of NON-STOP Rockin' Christmas tunes from all genres of rock. Of course, I was not a martyr to tune in for 48 hours because I was also busy for the Holidays. HE HE HE! Although, I caught some of the songs that was played during my spare time like THE PRETENDERS, THE KINKS, THE SCAVENGERS, etc. Well, that's CHRISTMAS for RAMON "RJ" JACINTO "owner of the station" and lead singer of the LEGENDARY PINOY 60s ROCK and ROLL BAND "R.J. and the RIOTS".

Thanks for these GREAT CHRISTMAS MUSIC TREATS indeed R.J. !!

SO everyone "R U LISTENING TO U.R.?"
Here's the link to the station:

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