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If I'm not mistaken this would probably be the first article of INSTANCE to be written in the NET. It was year 1986 when NITTO PALACIO, member of PINOY 80s band INTEGRATED CIRCUIT who originally sang the RIZAL UNDERGROUND 90s classic "ROLLERS ON HER HAIR" founded this Indie record label. It was called COUNTER CULTURE back then and was changed to INSTANCE. The last project if I'm not mistaken of NITTO was the 2004 ADVENT CALL Pinoy 80s Tribute Compilation CD entitled "LOCAL RECALL" under RECTONE MUSIC but still under INDEPENDENT STANCE(I assume that's the new INSTANCE). NITTO used to be an engineer for the Legendary Pinoy Punk Label TWISTED RED CROSS owned by TOMMY TANCHANCO who was also a former member of the PINOY LEGENDARY 80s Punk Band CHAOS. There were only two albums that INSTANCE released back in the 80s of which both of them got a Legendary status. Both albums were only released on Cassette Tape format.

INSTANCE first release was DEAN'S DECEMBER's 1986 "CHEMICAL WEDDING" under it's earlier name COUNTER CULTURE. NITTO saw DEAN'S DECEMBER performed their debut gig at KATRINA'S which was a Legendary 80s Pinoy Band Gig Site along Ermita so he decided to meet up with the guys and signed them up to this INDIE LABEL. The cassette tape album contains 7 classic tracks from the band which includes the anthemic "IT DOESN'T SNOW IN MANILA". I will feature the album here in my blog soon.

INSTANCE second release was The Legendary 80s PINOY compilation entitled "SUBTERRANEAN ROMANCE (THE RISE OF THE MARTIAL LAW BABIES)". It composed of 10 songs from 10 INSTANCE bands. Well. I consider this as the original "10 Of Another Kind". He He He! This was released December 1987 and it would be the Label's last release. Bands like ETHNIC FACES, SILOS, the label's baby DEAN'S DECEMBER and of course NITTO's band INTEGRATED CIRCUIT and 6 other Pinoy Indie Bands were included in this great compilation. I will also feature this album here in my blog soon.

In 2004 INDEPENDENT STANCE released ADVENT CALL's 80s Tribute Compilation CD entitled "LOCAL RECALL". So before RIVERMAYA did it last 2006 for me it was ADVENT CALL who really made the first 80s tribute. I will also feature this album here in my blog soon.

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Regarding the "Subterranean Romance". Is this the album with the band called Eisen Kreuz with the song "Someday"?

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