"LABELS:" added

Hello everyone!! Finally, I've added the "LABELS" on my Blog to have an easier access on the Previous Topics I've posted and to keep track on the Topics classification as some of my Friend's Request. That's in the Lower Right Hand Corner of this blog.Well, I should have done that before. HE HE HE!! First of all, I would like to thank all the avid readers and supporters of this little Blog of mine. Thank you visitors from around the globe and especially my Kababayans. Feel free to LEAVE A COMMENT or SIGN IN MY GUESTBOOK so I'll get to know you guys and be inspired more to continue this Blog which I'm doing in my spare time amidst my heavy workload. It's ok if you don't give your emails or URL on the Guestbook. Thanks also to some contributors of photos here in my Blog which added spice on my posts. So just enjoy the INFOS and MUSIC and anything under sun that's to be discussed in every post.

All the information I post here in my BLOG are all from my Own Personal Recollections of the Scene here in Manila regarding the Musical Genre I really love and grew up with. I try my best to be precise in every details from the Year and the Radio Stations that introduced the bands or music. HE HE HE! Actually, I'm a music enthusiast so I appreciate music from different Genres whether NEW WAVE/PUNK, Pop, Indie, C86,or Rock, especially PINOY ROCK(The Roots). As of the moment, I still don't upload albums here but maybe in the future because it really kills time to upload an album. HE HE HE! ENJOY!!