Last APRIL 30,2009 X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE was shown here in MANILA and I was able to watch it on the big screen last MAY 2,2009 and definitely It was indeed a Blockbuster movie not only here in the PHILIPPINES but around the world. I also made a WOLVERINE blogpost just few days before the movie opened. I was really very excited to watch this film and I'm very interested on how this film would have adapted It's comic version. Another great PRE-QUEL for X-MEN fanatics like me who wouldn't get tired of this batch of Mutant Characters invading the big screen. He He He!! The movie started on an 1800s scenario specifically 1845 wherein a child name James Howlett was very sick and then there was this outrage when his birth father assaults his mother and kills his stepfather. Then, the unexpected happened, Deadly BONY CLAWS just sprouted out of James' forearms and with rage and anger he was able to kill his own father too who he didn't also know. WOW!! Of course Victor Creed, his elder brother helped him out after a wild chase of young James. Then the story proceeded to the three WAR Scenes which brother James and Victor were part of namely World War I and II and the Vietnam war. BROTHERS IN ARMS I may say regarding their Tandem fights on these wars with Victor having this weaponized fingernails and James(Wolverine) with those deadly claws. If you're a purist Wolverine comic fanatic then you might just be a little dismayed since there were some changes on the story but still Brian Singer, the director, blended comic sensibility with the harshness of real life as a mutant for the characters. It's 175 years of Wolverine I guess and Brian have turned his X-MEN films into great and smart thrillers on the big screen for viewers to enjoy. Then the story of WOLVERINE began to evolve on the film which for me HUGH JACKMAN portrayed very well. I will agree that Mr. HUGH JACKMAN was born to portray WOLVERINE!!

I love the blood brother relationship between Victor Creed (SABRETOOTH) and James/Jimmy(WOLVERINE) in this film wherein these guys shows love, affection, and hate for each other yet they end up protecting each other like the good old times. Like Victor's line for Wolverine would go: "Nobody kills you but me." It's basically the history of this UNCANNY X-MEN called WOLVERINE and how he got his ADAMANTIUM-LACED claws under the PROJECT WEAPON X which was headed by this military guy "William Stryker". Well, violence will always be there especially if you'll be dealing with the story of WOLVERINE. Love and Lust was also present and more importantly BETRAYAL which is indeed still a deadly weapon for people to use nowadays. Of course, everyone is anticipating the presence of other mutants like GAMBIT, THE BLOB, AGENT ZERO, DEADPOOL, JOHN WRAITH, KAYLA SILVERFOX, EMMA FROST, and CYCLOPS. With the short special participation of PROFESSOR X. Who would forget the boxing match between Wolverine and The Blob. Hmmmp!! KABAYAN, does it remind you of PACMAN vs. HATTON? He He He!! This film have a remarkable cast of Actors and Actresses that would make you believe that these mutants do exist right now in the real world. YUP!! All of them portrayed their characters very well.









A great film indeed!! I remember this scene when each of these mutants showcased their powers while going to this MOB place and attacking it. Wheew!! So wh0's origins will be next. I guess this would be very interesting as always. Like Logan(Wolverine) would say "I'm the best at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice." A classic WOLVERINE statement!! ANIMALISTIC I may say!! It's heart pounding to the "Nth degree" and can create intensity 7.0 on the Richter scale!! Dark and bloody if you'll be talking about the action scenes. Just seeing Stryker shoot Wolverine straight on the head point blank would give you the shake of that scene erasing Logan's entire memory. THANKS to STAN LEE that we have these fictional characters for different generations to look forward to.


A famous Philippine Food Chain also gave away some WOLVERINE Toys on their Kids Meals for the young generation to play with:

Well,I hope you like my little review on "X-MEN ORIGINS:WOLVERINE". THANKS for dropping by!!


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Great Comment I received from MIKE SUTTON regarding my WOLVERINE REVIEW. One of those guys who also make good movie reviews. THANKS MIKEY!!



I want to give you praise for your fine review of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." I'm pretty much retired now as far as being a critic is concerned, after about 22 years of professional service. What I enjoyed most about your review is was that it read like it was written by a fan, as opposed to those hypocrites in "Ain't It Cool News" who try to be the same kind of snobbish reviewers that normally thrash our kind of action/adventure flicks. You expressed what you LIKED about the movie instead of some scholarly, objective analysis. One of the reasons why I don't review anymore is because I want to watch movies and listen to music the way I did as a child and as a young teen, to EXPERIENCE these works of art instead of taking them apart. Americans, for the most part, are too hard on films such as "Wolverine." I remember reviewing the "X-Men" cartoon in the early '90s and raved about it simply because Wolverine "kicked butt." Anyway, I really liked reading your perspective on "Wolverine" because you focused on how much fun you had seeing the comic-book characters on film and done with respect. Cool! I look forward to your upcoming reviews of "G.I. Joe" and the new "Transformers. "