Depeche MODE ZERO Mix

Well, since I've just featured the MODE ZERO story so why not feature a sample of their mix. I made and conceptualized a SPECIAL MIX PROJECT for Mayor of Mode Zero for "The Doctor Is In" to display his mixing talents in this genre called NEW WAVE. YUP!! It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again which I have to personally say that's "OFTEN IMITATED , NEVER DUPLICATED!!". So let's proceed to this mix which I entitled "Depeche MODE ZERO Mix". When I saw the name Mode Zero on Mix Ministry few months ago and I got to know Mayor then an idea came out to my mind. Hmmmp!! It would be very interesting to have a DEPECHE MODE MIX here in my blog done by MODE ZERO since their names are interconnected. So what do you think guys? He He He!! I was glad that Mayor took time to make this MIXSET for me to be featured here on my little blog and to be shared to you regular and not so regular visitors. I do hope you'll like this Mixset prepared for us by Mayor and definitely this is one heck of a trip down memory lane again especially for all you DEPECHE MODE freaks out there. I saw DEPECHE MODE back in 1994 here in MANILA performed LIVE at the FOLK ARTS THEATER and that was indeed a memorable experience too. So without further a do let's get up and dance to DMZ Mix or "Depeche MODE ZERO Mix"!! ENJOY THE MUZIC!!


Depeche MODE ZERO Mix
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1) Everything Counts
2) People Are People
3) Shake The Disease
4) Just Can't Get Enough
5) Get The Balance Right
6) Master And Servant
7) But Not Tonight
8) It's Called a Heart
9) See You
10)Dreaming of Me

Well, I have to say nice choices of songs by Mayor. GREAT INTRO to start out the Mix with everyone's favorite "EVERYTHING COUNTS" and followed by the first song that made DEPECHE MODE famous here in MANILA "PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE". I remember the MTV of "People Are People" was all over the VIDEO TV shows on all Channels here in MANILA back on those days. We have to "SHAKE THE DISEASE" regarding Swine Flu. He He He!! Of course we "JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH with this mix so we crave for more to "GET THE BALANCE RIGHT". I definitely enjoyed this 20minutes ride back in time and reminded me a lot when DEPECHE MODE Music ruled the airwaves on XB and BM. I hope you like this little gift for you courtesy of "The Doctor Is In" and Mayor of MODE ZERO. THANKS for dropping by!!


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This Is
Depeche MODE ZERO Mix

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THANKS GUYS for dropping by!! :-) I do hope you give some SHOUTS OUT. :-)