Music Files Here Are For PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY!!

Just this morning, I received an email from Blogger.com regarding a DMCA copyright thing. A blogpost of mine was taken down to my "DRAFTS" until I remove the conflicting part of the blogpost then that's when I could only place it back here which I already did. I have two of these kind wayback 2008. Wheew!! That was two years ago and the police are back. I just want to emphasize that my little blog "The Doctor Is In" does not host any files on any server and seldom do I upload music for download purposes. If any music files are available for download then It's all FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY and at the same time for the love of sharing. I'll delete any download link if It's needed to be removed and if there's any complain from the music copyright owners. KABAYANS, have a long and happy weekend!! Well, I guess that's it for now. WOW!! It's ELECTION TIME AGAIN here in my country. TAKE CARE and THANKS for dropping by again!!


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