Philippine Presidential Election 2010

Well after a decade of Arroyo Administration, finally the whole Filipino Nation will be able to vote again today MAY 10, 2010 for the next PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT. YUP KABAYANS!! Do go out and vote for the future of our beloved country. Sounds cheezy right? Naaah!! But that's the way we have to do it okay. I really don't want my blog to have some political color but today's event is such an important thing for Filipinos and It's the first ever automated Philippine Presidential Election so you should definitely be a part of it KABAYANS. VOTE WISELY okay!! Two weeks ago I made a special power point slide for my students to be shown at the end of my lecture just to remind them regarding voting wisely and so I wanna share it to you guys here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" and I hope you'll like it too.

"WISELY is not a Presidentiable nor a Vice Presidentiable,
WISELY is not campaigning for any Senator and Congressman,
WISELY is not related to any Governor or Mayor,
But remember WISELY on MAY 10, 2010!!
Choose WISELY!!
I will vote WISELY!!"


I'll just leave you with a classic song and music video coming from ARCADIA entitled "ELECTION DAY" uploaded by mass29 on YouTube. YUP!! I saw these three guys namely SIMON LEBON, NICK RHODES, and ROGER TAYLOR performed LIVE IN MANILA as DURAN DURAN. Btw, I was able to watch DURAN DURAN performed LIVE IN CONCERT here in MANILA twice and these were back in 1989 and 2008. Both concerts were held at the ARANETA COLISEUM. Nothing still beats the 1989 DURAN DURAN Sold Out Concert here in MANILA!! MEMORIES INDEED!! "Election Day" by ARCADIA was first played by WXB102 back in 1985 and It invaded other MANILA Radio Stations which became a hit too since the DURAN DURAN versus SPANDAU BALLET thing was also popular back then here in the PHILIPPINES. So KABAYANS......... It's ELECTION DAY!!


Here's my "ELECTION DAY" 12 inch Vinyl Record:

Watch and Listen to ELECTION DAY by ARCADIA:

I guess that's all for today guys!! Whether you are for Yellow, Orange, or Green; your vote should be counted. THANKS for dropping by again!! GOD BLESS the PHILIPPINES!!

Who will be the next


new wave crossover said...

doc' san ba makaka iskor ng vinyl ng identity crisis yung tale of two lp' baka merun mag benta'let me know or trade'

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi NWC!! Mahirap na maghanap nyang IC Vinyl pero pag meron timbrehan kita. :-)

new wave crossover said...

thanks doc''