PUT3SKA - Manila Girl

PUT3SKA is a 7-9 piece PINOY SKA BAND formed back in 1995 composed of the late LUIS 'Weslu' GUIANG (formerly of G.I. and THE IDIOTS and PRIVATE STOCK), MYRA RUARO (formerly of ARDOURN DELIRIUM) on vocals., ARNOLD MORALES (Lead vocalist of Legendary Pinoy Punk Band "URBAN BANDITS"), and BING AUSTRIA ( Lead vocalist of JUAN PABLO DREAM). Of course every Filipino knows where the band got their name. Do we have to tackle on that guys? He He He!! It's from "Putres Ka!!" which is an alternate for "P..... I..!!" a Tagalog Slang for "Son Of A Bitch". Wheeew!! Calling MTRCB!! Ha Ha Ha!! I still remember when PUT3SKA was very explosive in the PHILIPPINE Music Scene back in the 90s since their beats were very different from the rest of the bands in the Philippine Alternative Scene during those times and it infused a relatively new kind of genre for the common Filipino Music Enthusiast to get along with. The band was just great in 1995 that they won "BEST LIVE ACT", "BEST NEW ARTIST" and "BEST VOCALIST"(Myra David-Ruaro) in the "1995 NU107 Rock Awards". Although I only saw the band performed LIVE twice, definitely those were indeed great music vibes back then. As the title of their second and which was also their last album would say "MANILA'S FINEST". YUP!! I definitely consider them as one of MANILA'S FINEST band indeed!! Their 1995 self-titled debut album "PUT3SKA" jilted a classic rendition of URBAN BANDIT's "MANILA GIRL". The song was an original song/composition of URBAN BANDITS back in the 80s under the Legendary Pinoy underground record label "TWISTED RED CROSS". Btw, I already featured Tommy Tanchanco's TWISTED RED CROSS here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" back in December 2008 so check it out on my blog archives labels. The PUT3SKA version was a big hit here in MANILA back in those days that even EAT BULAGA used the song as an entry song for their own Round Girl Jessica Cortez aka. Samantha Lopez or better known as "GRACIA". KABAYANS, you'll definitely remember JOEY DE LEON shouting "GRACIAAAAAA!!" then the song "MANILA GIRL" would signal the entry of Miss Samantha Lopez aka. "GRACIA". Wheeew!! This was the 90s so GRACIA was really very hot and sexy back then. MEMORIES INDEED!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Well, since today JUNE 24, 2010 we are celebrating "ARAW NG MAYNILA" in English "MANILA DAY" then may I present you "GRACIAAAA!!" este "MANILA GIRL" by PUT3SKA. Let's relive those good ol' days and listen to MANILA GIRL!! I uploaded the song for you to enjoy!! I really love the beat and the horn section of this classic song. A very different flavor indeed from the original URBAN BANDITS arrangement which I also love. THANKS for dropping by again guys!!





TK99 said...

I have one of their albums in cassette tape format nga lang. WF is on the way.. at least 4 weeks from monday darating sa Q.C.

DrStirringRhod said...

Their two albums are both classic!! OK, I'll wait for the WF CD. THANKS Eric!!