It has been a tradition here in my blog "The Doctor Is In" to support EARTH HOUR for the past two years. I started advocating EARTH HOUR since 2009 and I told myself that I'll make it a yearly feature here on my little blog. I always try to make this blog of mine to be relevant about the changing times. All 1500+ municipalities and cities in the Philippines are about to take part in this worthy cause so switch-off your lights for Earth Hour Philippines 2011 today March 26,2011 Saturday to show your support. There will be a grand switch-off event at the SM Mall of Asia (M.O.A.) globe grounds like on the previous years and the program will start at 6PM. Everyone who will be coming to M.O.A. will be part of the human light chain. Well. this time It's "60+ Earth Hour" since everyone would be trying to switch off electricity more than 60 minutes. YUP!! That's beyond the usual one hour thing like in the past years. On what's going around the globe right now, I guess we have to really take a stand against climate change. Definitely, the Earth Hour Team Philippines are working so hard to make Earth Hour 2011 a success because the Philippines was the #1 country in terms of participation in Earth Hour last 2009 and 2010. YUP!! So don’t forget that's today , March 26th, 2011 8:30-9:30 PM. Earth Hour Pilipinas 2011 is about going BEYOND THE HOUR.This is a little something we can do to save PLANET EARTH.

I'll leave you with an OFFICIAL VIDEO of EARTH HOUR 2011. Just check out my interesting blogposts on EARTH HOUR 2009 and 2010 on my Blog Labels "EARTH HOUR PILIPINAS". THANKS again for dropping by!!

It's EARTH HOUR 2011


McDoC said...

GREAT POST DSR! With all the catastrophe that's been happening all over the globe, we should really do our share in protecting mother earth. Climate change is very real and we only have 1 planet. It's a good advocacy, so keep it up bro! CHEERS!

DrStirringRhod said...

Yo Bing!! Nice to hear from you again buddy!! :-) YUP!! We have to protect PLANET EARTH. THANKS for dropping by!!