JAPAN were a British New Wave group which was formed back in 1974 in Catford, South London composed of vocalist DAVID SYLVIAN, keyboardist RICHARD BARBIERI, bassist MICK KARN, drummer STEVE JANSEN who is David's brother and a later addition to the band guitarist ROB DEAN. The band achieved success in the late 1970s up to early 1980s when they were often associated with the New Romantic fashion movement. Well, everybody should know where the band got their name right? YUP!! It's from the country that was hit recently by an 8.9 Earthquake which was followed by a Tsunami none other than "The Land Of The Rising Sun" JAPAN. This is indeed a sad moment for the whole world and still It's not over yet due to the explosion of JAPAN's Nuclear Plants. Just two months ago, CHINA CRISIS came to visit again the Philippines for some concerts and now It's a JAPAN CRISIS worrying my KABAYANS and the rest of the globe. Wheeew!! Btw, JAPAN was also the country where David Sylvian and the rest of guys became popular back then. According to the late Mick Karn, who just passed away last January 4, 2011 due to cancer, the name JAPAN was chosen in desperation minutes before the band's first appearance wherein everyone realized that they should have a name and David suggested calling them "JAPAN" for the time being until they could think of something better. David liked the band's name but the rest didn't , nevertheless the name stuck and the rest was history. JAPAN began playing as a glam rock act that was heavily influenced by David Bowie, The New York Dolls and Motown but it shifted to a different style.

JAPAN's first "paying" gig was at a South London College wayback June 1974. The band's debut 1978 album Adolescent Sex and followed up Obscure Alternatives both sold well in Japan where the band's name helped them gained a devoted cult following. JAPAN also had a following in the Netherlands where the single "Adolescent Sex" was a Top 30 hit and also gained some popularity in Canada. However both albums were largely ignored in their native UK. Their next albums Quiet Life (1979), Gentlemen Take Polaroids (1980), and Tin Drum (1981) continued to expand their audience as the band refined its new sound and unintentionally became part of the early 1980s New Romantic Movement which the band don't consider themselves as such. So where do my JAPAN (self titled) Vinyl record fall? Hmmmp? By looking at the band's discography,It's not included as an album. I guess It's more of a compilation. Well, maybe JAPAN experts can shed a light on this. JAPAN split after a farewell tour in 1982 but David still continued making music.

My Modest JAPAN Materials
1) JAPAN (self-titled) Vinyl Record
2) In Vogue CD
3) The Very Best Of JAPAN CD
4) JAPAN Video Hits DVD

JAPAN was introduced here in MANILA by WXB 102 back in 1986 by playing their song "VISIONS OF CHINA". When I first heard it on XB on Cool Carla's night shift back in 1986, I was really puzzled because the name of the band is JAPAN and they were singing "VISIONS OF CHINA". There were some songs that were played by XB too like CANTONESE BOY, ADOLESCENT SEX, LIFE IN TOKYO, and QUIET LIFE but the real catch for PINOY NEW WAVERS was when XB introduced the classic "GENTLEMEN TAKE POLAROIDS" also in 1986 and became the band's trademark song here in MANILA. YUP!! If you'll be talking about JAPAN among PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS then It's got to be "GENTLEMEN TAKE POLAROIDS" which was also included in the Legendary Philippine New Wave Vinyl Compilation entitled "IT'S CALLED NEW MUSIC" which I have already featured here in "The Doctor Is In" way back September 22, 2007 so just check out my blog's archives if you haven't read it yet. A great band indeed!! If you are a fan of them, they have released lots of materials from albums and compilations then better get your own copies for your own collection too.

It's a known fact that DURAN DURAN's NICK RHODES admires DAVID SYLVIAN and it really shows on the looks. Can you spot the difference?

LEFT: David Sylvian
RIGHT: Nick Rhodes

I uploaded my "The Very Best Of Japan" CD just in case you still don't have a copy of it and you're interested to have one. It's for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY okay. Personally, I find this compilation very in-depth on who JAPAN were even though it only contains 15 tracks.

1. Ghosts (Single Version)
2. I Second That Emotion (Single Mix)
3. Quiet Life (7" Version)
4. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
5. The Art Of Parties (Single Version)
6. Visions Of China
7. Taking Islands In Africa (Steve Nye Remix)
8. European Son (Single Mix)
9. Cantonese Boy
10. Life In Tokyo - Part 1 (Special Remix)
11. Nightporter
12. Methods Of Dance
13. All Tomorrows Parties (7" Version)
14. Canton (Live)
15. Ghosts (Album Version)


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Let us start the Music Video Marathon with the XB classic "VISIONS OF CHINA".


Here are VISIONS OF JAPAN's latest Catastrophe:

We should still continue PRAYING for the people of JAPAN since their problem is still at hand with the possible MELTDOWN of all their Nuclear Power Plants. Like the old Filipino Country Abbreviation game would suggest.... If "I.T.A.L.Y" corresponds to "I'll Trust And Love You" then "J.A.P.A.N." would be:
J- ust
A- lways
P- ray
A- t
N- ight

Definitely, there would be no QUIET LIFE IN TOKYO right now due to these continuing disasters. Here are the Music Videos of "QUIET LIFE" and "LIFE IN TOKYO".



I also uploaded the Music Video of JAPAN's rendition of a SMOKEY ROBINSON's classic entitled "I SECOND THAT EMOTION" because I really love their version. One of my favorites from the band.


For my finale!! Let me bring you David Sylvian and the rest of JAPAN with "GENTLEMEN TAKE POLAROIDS"!! I really love the sound of bass in this song. CLASSIC Mick Karn!! Let's watch the Music Video and Sing to the Lyrics too!! Take it away!!


Lyrics | Japan lyrics - Gentlemen Take Polaroids lyrics

Well, I hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way"!! THANKS for dropping by again guys and I hope you liked my "JAPAN" blogpost.

They are the GENTLEMEN of JAPAN
who take POLAROIDS!!

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