It was 1986, just after the historical Philippine People Power EDSA REVOLUTION when I first heard of this band when I went to the Legendary HIGH ADVENTURE SHOP and saw a Vinyl EP entititled "ULTIMATE SOLUTION: LULU KISS ME DEAD". At first, I know nothing about the band then finally after few days seeing the EP I heard the song "ULTIMATE SOLUTION" on WXB102's night shift radio show. Taarraaaahhhh!! It's a GREAT SONG indeed. LULU KISS ME DEAD was first introduced here in Manila by none other than WXB102 wayback 1986 by playing two songs from the band's 1985 SITUATION TWO RECORD LABEL (indie record label of Beggars Banquet) released EP. These songs were "ULTIMATE SOLUTION" and "SPADES". These songs only got few airplays but it had a cult following among PINOY NEW WAVERS like me who frequently listens to the EVENING RADIO SHOWS of WXB102. "Spades" made it also to the playlist of both DZBM POWER 105 & NU107 and was released on a compilation CD which was made available here in Manila during the late 90s. "Ultimate Solution" was one of the songs I've shared at 103.5 KLITE new wave program "LITEWAVE" back in 2003.

There was another EP released by this band which never made it to MANILA's NEW WAVE RADIO and this was the band's "SPEAK TO ME 12 inch" vinyl which was produced this time by another record label under BIG FISH RECORDS in 1986.

As the LEGENDARY XB DJ's would blurt out on-air back in the 80s the classic phrase "This is 102 MUSIC!". Great cult band that Pinoy New Wavers would remember during the heydays of NEW WAVE here in MANILA.

You can download "ULTIMATE SOLUTION" here:


technetium99 said...

Wow, brings back fond memories...high adventure...xb...I totally love Spades and am still searching for the Ultimate Solution EP. Through the years it was in my must-find-list which used to be written in my planner & then in my PDA. Now with the advent of blogging and P2P, it is so much easier to find shared interests, particularly downloadable music. Farewell to the thrill of hunting...but still I don't mind.

firehorsecancer said...

I finally found "Ultimate Solution" EP but to my chagrin the file is already expired. Could you re upload the file? Thanks.(firehorsecancer.multiply.com)

redd said...

i have it on my multiply site (both ep's).... bopolsawave.multiply.com.ph
you can get it there. :)