RIVERMAYA: Tribute to 80s PINOY NEW WAVE/PUNK music!

I consider RIVERMAYA as one of the most controversial Pinoy Rock Band that have emerged in the 90s and up to the present time. Originally formed in 1993 during the start of the Pinoy Alternative Rock Boom catalyzed by Pinoy Rock Band Icon ERASERHEADS. In 1994, from out of nowhere, this band just released their self-titled debut album "RIVERMAYA" with their first single "ULAN" . A lot of critics were not impressed with these guys since they haven't performed any gigs back then and just a blink of an eye there they were a band..... managed by CHITO ROñO( Universal Motion Dancer manager). WhheeeeW!!! BMG Pilipinas just formed this band for the sake of forming one ? But as the years gone by, the band have proven their worth in the local music scene.
From my vaults here is the first article of RIVERMAYA in a 1994 ROCK & RHYTHM magazine issue:
The band's line-up then were : (1994)
Bamboo Mañalac- vocals
Rico Blanco- keyboards
Perfecto de Castro- guitars
Nathan Azarcon- bass
Mark Escueta- drums

In 1998, Bamboo left the band to migrate in the U.S. so Rico Blanco took over the vocals. Then another new chapter for the band emerge. Last year(September 2006), I was in a record bar and I noticed a new album of RIVERMAYA and to my surprise the tracklist was really great because it contains songs from the PINOY NEW WAVE/PUNK scene of the 80s which I grew up with so I immediately grabbed a copy of it. I didn't realize that the CD was on it's first few days of it's release. RIVERMAYA released a compilation album considered as the band's tribute to the music they grew up to during the 80s entitled "Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo" (in English "One Vein, One Blood") which is the band's 10th studio album. It contains 13 tracks and was released under VIVA RECORDS. Except for Isang Bandila, the album contains covers of material from the most popular bands of the Philippine alternative music scene of the 1980's. Some Pinoy New Wavers would consider this as "13 OF ANOTHER KIND". It's a compilation of PINOY NEW WAVE/PUNK MUSIC sang in RIVERMAYA's version. Rico Blanco even mentioned in the inner sleeves Legendary WXB102 as one of the reasons the album was conceptualized and recorded. Another reason they mentioned was the tearing of Rico's DEAN'S DECEMBER "CHEMICAL WEDDING" cassette tape. I was also able to attend the Launching of this album last year October 14th at the METROWALK in Ortigas. Great performance by the band and I even saw some the Pinoy Rock Icons present in the concert. Sadly, "My Sanctuary" was not included on the set.

Track listing:
1) Isang Bandila - Rivermaya
2) Golden Boy - originally by Ethnic Faces
3) Things Are Getting Complicated - originally by Dean's December
4) Tupperware Party - originally by Violent Playground
5) Ilog - originally by Joey Ayala
6) My Sanctuary- originally by Identity Crisis
7) Things Within - originally by Silos
8) Healing — originally by Dean's December
9) Romantic Kill - originally by The Jerks
10)Never The Bright Lights - originally by Violent Playground
11)Padayon - originally by Joey Ayala
12)Inosente Lang Ang Nagtataka - originally by Wuds
13)Sumigaw, Umawit Ka - originally by Identity Crisis
This is the last album of Rivermaya with RICO BLANCO as the band's vocalist. Last JUNE of this year, Rico made a confirmation that he is leaving the band. At the moment there is a Reality show at STUDIO 23 entitled "BAGONG LIWANAG" which focuses on finding the next vocalist of RIVERMAYA. Wow Pare!!! Kontrobersyal talaga ang bandang ito!!
Band's line-up in "Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo":
Rico Blanco - Keyboards, Guitars & Vocals
Mark Escueta - Drums
Mike Elgar - Guitar, Vocals
Japs Sergio - Bass, Vocals

....this line-up was the back-up band for the LOTUS EATERS concert here in MANILA which I was able to watch wayback AUGUST 2002.

The Lotus Eaters with Rivermaya!!

1st one(Hits with Bamboo on vocals), 2nd one (Hits with Rico on vocals)

........Truly one great Pinoy Rock Band!!!!


kurt said...

..they also did some back-up for china crisis, right?

DSR said...

Yup Kurt!!I was there too,but they did the entire back-up on the Lotus Eaters. CHEERS!! :-)