(500) Days Of Summer

A very interesting upcoming film you might just wanna check out:

Few days ago, I had a Blogpost regarding RAIN IN THE SUMMERTIME here in MANILA so this time we will talk about another thing regarding summer. YUP!! (500) Days Of Summer is an upcoming film which will star Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. The Movie Trailer caught my attention so here it goes a blogpost. Hmmmmp!! "THE SMITHS" being mentioned and hearing music from the band on the very first part of the movie trailer would just make any music enthusiast like me wonder what the film will be all about. Music from "HALL AND OATES", "REGINA SPEKTOR", and "WOLFMOTHER" makes the movie soundtrack very interesting. SID and NANCY being mentioned at the tail end would just make it blend together. That's a VICIOUS ending I may say. He He He!! Well, I guess we just have to wait what this Romantic Film would offer us. Actually, the trailer definitely reminds me of any classic JOHN HUGHES New Wave 80s-inspired film. YUP!! The name of the Director JOHN HUGHES is very famous among PINOY NEW WAVERS because of his films which I consider all classic in a way and watching any of it right now would just travel you back in time. (500) Days Of Summer is directed this time by MARC WEBB for Fox Searchlight Pictures. The plot of the story may be shallow or deep in a sense but I still hope this film will be shown in the big screen here in MANILA.

Check out this great Music Video Of "US" by REGINA SPEKTOR by clicking her photo:

Regina Spektor

This song is included in the movie trailer you just viewed. Great song and video too!!

500 Days Of Summer
gone here in MANILA!!

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Joe said...

i hope this movie gets shown here in the philly. indie flicks seldom get worldwide coverage. . .i hope FOX doesnt keep this gem from the world. . .

coz i might have to resort to the unthinkable. . .online streaming