My country, the PHILIPPINES, is now rejoicing over the recent KNOCK OUT win of KABAYAN Emmanuel D. Pacquiao popularly known as MANNY "PACMAN" PACQUIAO over RICKY "THE HITMAN" HATTON. Definitely, this Front Page News of the Philippine Daily Inquirer which I bought says it all about MANNY!! Manny Pacquiao’s fists (PAMBANSANG KAMAO) made short work of Ricky Hatton last SUNDAY MAY,3 2009 (MANILA TIME) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena with just 359 seconds. Wheeew!! I just remember that famous line from a famous eyedrop commercial that goes like this "It Gets The Red Out In 60 seconds". Hmmmp!! I guess that's it!! PACMAN is now a BOXING LEGEND indeed and no doubt about it. The whole FILIPINO COMMUNITY around the globe celebrated this great triumphant moment and PACMAN have given us great pride to be a FILIPINO. I didn't even imagine Ricky Hatton would be out so early like most of us did. Well, we were all shock of what happened but It gave an exclamation point and cemented that MANNY is indeed the WORLD'S GREATEST POUND FOR POUND BOXER right now. Even though Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have announced his comeback from a brief retirement few hours before the PACQUIAO-HATTON FIGHT yet that does not outstage the furious success of PACMAN over the ring bringing down Hatton on ROUND 2 of the fight. I guess, what I can say about this is that the MAY WEATHER FORECAST for today here in the PHILIPPINES is PACMAN THUNDERSTORM with frequent cloudy skies. He He He!! Actually, It has been raining here in the Philippines recently even though It's summertime maybe due to climate change or global warming but this PACMAN THUNDERSTORM I'm talking about would definitely remain in every hearts of every FILIPINO around the world. PROUD TO BE PINOY!! There can be no doubt right now that MANNY PACQUIAO is BOXING'S UNDISPUTED KING as he continues to rampage everyone on the ring. He also made the SPORT OF BOXING exist and popular admist a lot of other competitions around like the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC (not to be mistaken to a Filipino BANANA CATSUP Brand okay). A boxing hero indeed!!

So what did really happen in the PACQUIAO-HATTON fight? Well, lets leave that to the real Sports Analysts and Experts on this thing. What is important right now for FILIPINOS at the moment is to celebrate this brilliant KNOCK OUT win of PACMAN over Hatton via a fierce straight left punch that HIT "THE HITMAN". It's also nice to see FILIPINO-AMERICAN Professional Wrestler DAVE BATISTA walking along with MANNY as he enters the ring. WOW!!AMAZING SUPPORT INDEED!! In the world of NEW WAVE MUSIC, PINOY WAVERS know that "MORRISSEY was the one WHO PUT THE M. IN MANCHESTER", I guess "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of modifying this would be "MANNY PUT THE M. IN MANCHESTER" by beating Hatton. He He He!! Well, this time I didn't buy the RUSH DVD of the fight which was also made available few hours after the fight. PINOY STYLE?

There is this nice COMIC CARICATURE in the Philippine Daily Inquirer which I bought that I also wanna share to you which I find great. Hmmmp!! ANG GALING MGA KABAYAN DIBA? I went to mass that evening and during the PRIEST's HOMILY he told us that he visited this CONVENT run by NUNS/SISTERS and was amazed to know that these NUNS/SISTERS were really praying for PACMAN's success. WOW!! Talking about PRAYERS!! Being raised as a CATHOLIC and have studied on a CATHOLIC school I always believe that "PRAYER IS POWERFUL". I was touched seeing MANNY bending his knees praying before and after the fight. Wheeew!! That I may say was a great factor on his win. Running for President? Naaaaah!!

Here's also a great Inquirer Front Page photo that I wanna include here in my blogpost to make you smile for a while. YUP!! They were both laughing on the PRE-FIGHT conference and inside the venue was MANNY's dearest MOTHER "ALING DIONESIA". It's MOTHER'S DAY this coming MAY 10,2009 so to all Mothers "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY".

Btw, I also made a blogpost last DECEMBER regarding the PACQUIAO vs. DE LA HOYA Dream Match so If you haven't read it yet then just click the "DREAM MATCH" LOGO to enter my Blogpost:

I would like to CONGRATULATE KABAYAN MANNY PACQUIAO for this great PRIDE he gave for us FILIPINOS. PROUD TO BE PINOY!! So before I end my blogpost, I want you to listen and watch the latest MUSIC VIDEO/SONG of MANNY PACQUIAO which was composed and directed by LITO CAMO entitled "LAHING PINOY" which was also used as ENTRANCE song of MANNY on the fight. I love the lyrics of this song "VERY SIMPLE and VERY PINOY". Well, I hope you enjoyed another of my little tribute on the great Filipino boxer MANNY PACQUIAO. BOB ARUM was even quoted saying that he promoted MANNY the way he promoted boxing greats Muhammad Ali and Marvelous Marvin Hagler. THANKS for dropping by again!! MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!! MABUHAY ANG PINOY!! As the lyrics would go: "PILIPINO...PILIPINO...PILIPINO...ANG LAHI KO!".

Here's the "LAHING PINOY" Video from GMA 7:




cool write up Dok!

DrStirringRhod said...

cool write up Dok!

May 5, 2009 3:29 PM

SALAMAT JON JON!! Ang galing talaga ni MANNY noh?


DrStirringRhod said...


7 May 09, 16:21
Ashika: i found your write up about the pacquiao - hatton fight brilliant
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bingbong: oh, I hope you've recovered DSR. baka lang kako hindi mo na-receive eh. bilis nga magbago klima these days. :confused:
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DrStirringRhod: bingbong, I got your email. No time to reply been under the weather lately. IT'S CLIMATE CHANGE indeed and too much CHANGE if you get my DRIFT. :P
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DrStirringRhod: Hi xrik!! THANKS for dropping by. I think I don't have the Vol3&4 of that.
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xrik of pddjs: SPIRAL TRIBE CD series Vol.3 please... Thanks po.! my e-mail is warrenc_111@yahoo.com
24 Apr 09, 22:48
pinoywaver: hi.sana mgkaron ng get2geder mga wavers listen lang mga new wave music while drinking & get 2 know.sarap uminom while listening
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bingbong: Great Transformers post DSR. Have you received my email?
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kahoyman: nice docstir! hahaha manny paquiapo sa may na!

Sinapat said...

Galing talaga ng pangbansang kamao natin. Pero Mayweather vs Marquez ay magyayari na.

Sino kaya ang susunod na haharapin ni Manny Pacman Pacquiao?

DrStirringRhod said...

THANK Sinapat for dropping by and for the comments!! YUP!! MANNY PACQUIAO is a LEGEND!!


Biographics Comics said...

Check out the Pacquiao comic book:

Coming out the day before the fight!