Definitely I have to make a blogpost about this because MANNY gave PRIDE to all PINOYS around the world by beating OSCAR "THE GOLDEN BOY" DE LA HOYA by an 8th Round TKO yesterday DECEMBER 7, 2008 on their historic match called "THE DREAM MATCH".

Well, for me It was a well deserve win for MANNY aside from being called "PACMAN" he is also popularly known here in the Philippines as "PAMBANSANG KAMAO" in English "National Fist". I wasn't able to watch it LIVE because I was busy that time and so I just followed it on radio and watched the delayed telecast as usual. The fight was really great and I think that MANNY proved a lot beyond doubt that he is really the POUND FOR POUND WORLD CHAMPION. Of course, who would like to miss out buying the NEWSPAPERS before and after the fight which would go down to history as one of the greatest boxing match ever.

All the hype, controversies, and intrigues were concluded after that memorable fight and indeed the whole FILIPINO COMMUNITY rejoiced on such an achievement by our KABAYAN Manny. Even the NEWS would report on the absence of CRIME recorded by the Philippine National Police(PNP) while the boxing match is still on hand whether It's the LIVE "Pay Per View" or the delayed GMA7 telecast. I was really impressed on how Manny improved a lot regarding his fighting stances and techniques. He did go a long way. I just do hope he would reconsider all those politicians encouraging him to enter the dirty world of Philippine Politics. That's the only thing that would beat him right now. He didn't win on the last 2007 Elections so why try it again. I will not anymore tackle on the details of the match since those experts have already given their views and insights thru media.

Here's a Plastic Bag that I was able to find on my cabinet which I use to hide some of my papers and incidentally I realized that It is a great theme for Pacquiao's achievement.

Recently, I bought the latest READER'S DIGEST with PACQUIAO on the Front Cover. Manny was the second PINOY to be featured as Reader's Digest's Front Cover this year 2008. As you will recall PINOY COMEDIAN ACTOR "MICHAEL V." popularly known as "BITOY" was featured also this year.


Since I will be blogging about PACMAN, I then tried to look for my old PACMAN ATARI TAPE and TAAAARAAAAAAHH!! I found it!! Ha Ha Ha!! THIS IS THE ORIGINAL PACMAN!! Well, the bottom sticker label is already torn but at least It's still with me. One of my all time favorite video games and definitely considered as one of the ancestors of the new generation of VIDEO GAMES. VINTAGE IN A TRUE SENSE!! This Arcade game was developed wayback 1980 by NAMCO and definitely Manny's Boxing Alyas was derived from this one. I also love the PACMAN Cartoon Series back in the 80s which was also shown here in MANILA during the NEW WAVE ERA. WHEEEW!! Memories Indeed!!


And would you believe what I saw on today's visit to QUIAPO? YUP!! The DVD COPY of "THE DREAM MATCH". ANG TINDI TALAGA NG PINOY!! Walako masabi!! Ha Ha Ha!! Since It's the FEAST of IMMACULATE CONCEPCION we were able to attend mass at QUIAPO CHURCH and at the same time since I haven't gone to QUIAPO for a while I looked around to shop some affordable things to buy as Christmas Gifts. The DVD? Pirated? Naaaah!! Of course I bought it!! Ha Ha Ha! According to the guys who sold me this, the DVD was already made available few hours after the fight. Wheeew!! That was fast!! YUP!! I got it after one day. I was not able to watch it full so this time I have the luxury of watching it all over again and I can even Rewind and Fast Forward it If I wanted to. He He He!! PACQUIAPO kaba o PADIVISORIA? I guess It's MORE MONEY for MANNY!!

MANNY is indeed a BOXING ICON!! The time of OSCAR "THE GOLDEN BOY" DE LA HOYA have already drained down. Just to quote Oscar "I just don't have it anymore". Actually I love the gesture of OSCAR when he approached MANNY after the decision. OSCAR was very humble and was even proud of PACMAN. A true gentleman I may say for OSCAR, he even approached his former Trainor FREDDIE ROACH(Manny's Coach) and congratulated him for a well deserve win. FRIENDSHIP for both MANNY and OSCAR!! GALING TALAGA!! MIKE TYSON was even present watching the fight!!

Here's Manny versus Oscar: (Photograph by Mark J Terrill)



Punk Rock Daddy said...

Manny!!! Manny!!! Manny!!!

Pinoi pa rin!!!

DrStirringRhod said...

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11 Dec 08, 16:06
doc: docstir baka meron ka instrumental ng "para syo' para ma extract ko malinis acapella ni pacman
11 Dec 08, 08:34
DrStirringRhod: MABUHAY si PACQUIAO!!
10 Dec 08, 09:48
doc: pacman overload pala dito hehe. pasahan mo nga ako nung song nya doc, i'll see what i can do :)
9 Dec 08, 18:57
SnooG: Nice Post DOC! Napuyat Ako Sa Laban Na Ito..Hindi Ako Nakapasok he he he 4am Q8time..Next Is Hatton of The UK! CONGRATULATIONS To All Kababayans! snoog.multiply.com
9 Dec 08, 16:04
nemesis: Hi dr.Stirring nice to see ur blog,
9 Dec 08, 15:15
kahoyman: go manny! hehehe!
9 Dec 08, 11:49
Rob-a-Dub-Dub: Galing ni Money y Manny Pacman, ano! Nice cover, Doc Stir. Pwedeng-pwede k n maging Star Reporter! hehe :)