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YUP!! This time It's my SPIRAL TRIBE blogpost last month(November 2008) was recently removed by BLOGGER from my blog archives. Huh? I removed the download link on this REDONE blogpost so I hope I don't violate anything this time. Good thing I was able to save a copy of the post. So DMCA, I hope without the download link already and some little text edits you could maintain this blogpost of mine. Thanks!! I've decided to edit some parts of my original blogpost wherein the download options were mentioned and made it tame okay. So no more music download for this blogpost. Hmmmp!!

In 1996, during the Heydays of 89DMZ's hit New Wave Radio show called "WAVE180", a New Wave Compilation CD was released here in MANILA entitled "THE SPIRAL TRIBE" under a record label called "AtoZ records limited". Sound familiar KABAYANS? Well, definitely this is not related in any way with the A2Z Legendary Record Shop here in the Philippines which was very popular during the XB days because It's one of PINOY WAVERS source of Great and Hard To Find Vinyl Records back then.

Whether it's an official or a bootleg release I still consider it a good compilation. PINOY WAVERS would definitely remember this CD and the name "THE SPIRAL TRIBE" which correlates with Free Party Sound System that originated in West London back in the early 90s. Like the "CHORUS GIRLS" and "LOST AND FOUND" series, this CD also became popular here in MANILA and thus creating sequels to it and was VERY EXPENSIVE on It's first releases. YUP!! The ORIGINAL ONES were indeed COSTLY!! I had a bootleg copy before which I bought at QUIAPO back then. Why SPIRAL TRIBE? Well, according to a member of the group this term was derived when he stared at a poster of interconnecting spirals in an ammonite shell. Hmmp!! That's very interesting don't you think? I decided to make a blogpost about SPIRAL TRIBE when I saw the two volumes on KABAYAN 80s4ever multiply site. He is definitely another true blooded PINOY WAVER who loves to go to the POWER105 Afternoon parties during the BM days. According to him he was also a member of MENTAL PAUSE MOBILE and a kumpare of BM DJ Tasmanian Devil.

Recently,I saw a photo of the complete volume one to four SPIRAL TRIBE CD series and the Vinyl version on KABAYAN Julia Club80s website:

Click the SPIRAL TRIBE Vinyl Record pix to enter Julia Club80s:

I have here two SPIRAL TRIBE CDs "Volume One and Two" photos and the tracklist courtesy of 80s4ver SURVIVORS READY? Let's go to the TRIBAL COUNCIL!!

SPIRAL TRIBE volume one:
01) I Melt With You- Modern English
02) Away-The Bolshoi
03) Everybody Wants To Run The World-Tears For Fears
04) 20 Killer Hurts-Gene Loves Jezebel

05) Tainted Love-Sof
t Cell
06) Repetition-Information Society

07) 99 Red Balloons-Nena

08) Career Opportunities-The Clash

09) Love Vigilantes-New Order
10) Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now-The Smiths

11) What's Your Name-Depeche Mode
2) Just Like Heaven-The Cure

13) State Of Art-Friends Again

14) The Distance Between Us- Fra Lippo Lippi

SPIRAL TRIBE volume two
01) Chamber Of Hellos-Wire Train
02) Wishful Thinking-China Crisis
03) This Charming Man-The Smiths

04) Mad World-Tears For Fears
05) This Corrosion-The Sisters Of Mercy

06) Motion Of Love-Gene Loves Jezebel
07) Turn To The Sky-The March Violets

08) Every Time I See You-Fra Lippo Lippi
09) Sunday Bloody Sunday-U2
10) Thinking Of You-Colourfield
11) Somebody-Depeche Mode

12) Hong Kong Garden-Siouxsie And The Banshees
13) Blister In The Sun-Violent Femmes
14) In Between Days-The Cure

THANK YOU 80s4ever aka POT-LINGS and JULIA!

So What TRIBE do you belong?

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