Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

merry XB-BMas and
a happy NU wave year 2009 to all!!

My own kind of SEASON'S GREETINGS since I'm an avid fan of these three Radio Stations here in MANILA back in the 80s namely XB102, BM105. and NU107. YUP!! It's the same greetings I made last year. I would like to THANK everyone who visits this little blog of mine and of course who reads all my Blogposts which I always make sure that It would be very interesting for all of you. YUP!! It's not that easy to Blog because in my part I have to conceptualize every Blogpost and make sure that every texts and pictures to be included are all part of the whole thing. Of course, you guys continue to inspire me to blog here on "The Doctor Is In" up to 2009 and maybe beyond. I hope I'll always be in the Blogosphere. This SEASON of LOVE, JOY, and GIVING, may all of you have all the Blessings in Life. If you think you have problems in life just count your blessings and look around you maybe you'll just see that you are unique and still lucky with your present situation. If you have something to share, then share. It's nice to touch people's lives while we still exist here in our lovely world. PEACE, UNITY, HOPE for all mankind I may say!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS guys!! GODBLESS!!


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