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33 1/3 Mobile
For my 133rd Blogpost, I present you one of the Legendary New Wave Mobiles here in MANILA back in the 80s and have made a comeback lately in the party scene...... ERIC PASCUAL's 33 1/3 Mobile. My second New Wave Mobile to be featured here in my little blog and I'm very thankful that ERIC was glad to know that I was interested in featuring them. Personally, I first heard of 33 1/3 on POWER105 wayback 1988 when the BM Djs use to mention the mobile's name on air back on those days. Was that very long ago Eric? He He He!! Of course, they got their name from the Long Playing Record 33 1/3 rpm and have been very popular for PINOY WAVERS. 33 1/3 was officially founded by original members Eric Pascual, Patrick la Madrid, Sonnie Pagdanganan, Bobby Aguila, Noel Madayag & David Sanchez. Jayson Salvatierra joined the group during the 90's. According to ERIC PASCUAL they started wayback 1985 as a nameless mobile wherein they usually assigned themselves to bring sound system to each and every parties they organized and attended until they graduated in 1987. They provided sound system for their section's graduation party in Bonanza restaurant in EDSA, bringing different home components, speakers and improvised lights. This party became successful and Eric decided to pursue this as a serious business which I think was a great move for them. I even remembered attending a MARYKNOLL Party back in 1989 which they powered back then. Btw, Maryknoll is now known as MIRIAM COLLEGE and this is not the college of Senator Miriam Santiago. He He He!! The first organized party that 33 1/3 worked on was entitled "ASK" (taken from a song from THE SMITHS). They were part of every parties, school fairs, concerts of some schools like Assumption College, Siena College, St Bridget, St Joseph, St Mary’s, and University of Santo Tomas just to name a few. MGA CHICKER TALAGA AH!! He HeHe!! Well, I remembered visiting BM station back then and it was flooded by Ladies from SIENA COLLEGE. Hmmmp!!

Standing: Bob, Trick, Eric
Seated: David, Sonnie & Louie

33 1/3 Since 1987-Present:
Eric Pascual
Patrick LaMadrid
Sonnie Pagdanganan
Bobby Aguila
Louie Tiongson
David Sanchez
Noel Madayag
Con Bautista
Mike Timbol
Arnold Fontillas
Raymund Generoso

Opet Sarmiento
Onat Herrera

The guys love for NEW WAVE music in a sense encouraged them to get out of their small community and decided to go visit DZBM POWER105 wherein they met BM Jock CHELLE D. on board & made their first ever request “Upside Down” by TWO MINDS CRACK which was brand new at that time. They became regular visitors of BM and made friends with the jocks, RSL & the owners as they provided them with good NEW WAVE records for them to play and in return POWER105 would advertise the 33 1/3 mobile on air. Wheew!! Nice Shot guys!!

33 1/3 BM Days!!

In 1988 with the help of friends in the business the group then joined 1988 Philippine Battle of Mobile held in Violago Sports Complex in QUEZON CITY. 33 1/3 mobile bested out 8 Top Mobiles in the country during that time and was announced as the Best Mobile, that made them even famous.

Here are only some of the PARTIES they organized:

Damaged Goods 1, 1988 Jealousy Disco
Damaged Goods 2, April 8, 1989 Whisper's Disco

I was able to attend Damaged Goods at Jealousy Disco with my friends. One famous BM PARTY during those days. I guess second to the "DEEP" BM Party?
Trek To The Deck, May 24, 1991, PICC

Another ticket!!

The Third Wave, Dec 17, 1993, Heartbeat Mega-Disco

PINOY WAVERS would definitely recall the term THIRD WAVE because It was the Title of this great Philippine only released NEW WAVE compilations series on Vinyl and Cassette Tape back in the 80s which I will also feature in the future here in my little blog, The POSTER AD was definitely inspired by THIRD WAVE, THIRD STAGE.


33 1/3's love for 80’s music are still in their veins up to the present and so they are back mixing again for special 80’s Parties recently here in MANILA but this time they have expanded their horizon by providing high quality DJ Services, Band Equipment, Mobile Disco & Pro Sound & Lights system aside from their first love of mixing Vinyl 80’s music. And so because of this 33 1/3 Mobile is now called 33 1/3 Pro Sounds & Lights that has evolved in Bar Management, Events Planning, Band Equipment, and Pro Video Production.




Hmmp? Notice any difference? Maybe the fashion statement of tucking in the polo. He He He!!

I just wanna THANK ERICSON PASCUAL for trusting my Blog to feature 33 1/3 mobile. Thanks Eric for sharing Infos and Pictures for this blogpost for everyone to see and read. I hope you guys like my own little tribute to 33 1/3 Mobile. One of MANILA's Legendary NEW WAVE MOBILES indeed!!

So guys, Let's spin our
33 1/3 Vinyls!!
Salamat Eric Pascual!!


Eden said...

Awesome recognition of my very dear friends who have always remained close to my heart. Brings back memories...Thank you!!

eric pascual said...

Thank you very much Doc... It is an honor to be featured here in your blogspot... Thank you also Eden our dear friend who will always be the close to my heart. More Power to THE DOCTOR IS IN!!!

DSR said...

Thanks EDEN for dropping by my blog and posting comment directly here in Blogspot. :-)

Eric, Thanks also for sharing!! Btw, Belated Happy --nth Birthday!! He He He!!