Snoog Mix 5

It's exactly one week to go before the much awaited celebration of the Birth of JESUS CHRIST which is CHRISTMAS DAY and my KABAYANS are rushing already to buy their Christmas Gifts. YUP!! Traffic is really bad recently because of this PINOY CHRISTMAS Gift-buying for KRIS-KRINGLE, EXCHANGE GIFTS, INAANAK, and of course gifts for our SPECIAL LOVE ONES, FRIENDS, and RELATIVES. Here's another NEW WAVE MIX for you guys from my friend SNOOG. This is his 5th Mix shared here in my little blog and how to end the year for him. A CHRISTMAS TREAT indeed for you regular visitors of my humble blog. Btw, I'll be posting and wrapping up more CHRISTMAS PRESENTS for you guys here in my blog in the coming days so be sure to visit my blog okay. So here it goes Snoog's 5th Masterpiece for you guys!!

Artist: Various 80s
SnooG's Dreams Never End (Merry Mixmas and a Happy New Wave)
Genre: New Wave 80s
Bitrate: 192kbps
File Size: 56mb
Playtime: 41 Minutes
Date: December 2008Link: http://www.snoog.multiply.com/

01 The Killing Moon

02 "C" Moon (Cry Like A Baby)
03 The One I Love
04 Silver
05 Hands Across The Sea
06 From Across The Kitchen Table
07 The Unguarded Moment
08 Dead Heart
09 Lovesong
10 More To Loose
11 Dreams Never End

by clicking SANTA's and RUDOLPH's PIX

PASSWORD: www.snoog.multiply.com

This MERIMIX started with the JINGLE BELLS intrumental and the ID TAG of "Snoog's On The Mix" to make you feel that It's really CHRISTMAS TIME. ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN's "Killing Moon" makes the intro of this mix very cool and relaxing which was followed by a SIMPLE MINDS track that would start energizing you. I love the entry of R.E.M.'s classic "THE ONE I LOVE". Another EATB followed, I guess Snoog is feeling to be a BUNNYMAN for CHRISTMAS or a PLAYBOY BUNNYMAN. He He He!! Since It's MISA DE GALLO or SIMBANG GABI here in the PHILIPPINES, It's nice to hear THE CHURCH. Hmmmp!! PINOY attend the mass of the Filipino Christmas Tradition called SIMBANG GABI. Churches are filled with devoted Pinoys who made this tradition very alive up until now. Let's eat BIBINGKA and PUTO BUMBONG KABAYANS!! "Kay Lamig Ng Simoy Ng Hangin"!! It's one Proud Christmas Spirit that we PINOYS keep in our HEARTS. .......Not DEAD HEART by Midnight Oil okay. He He He!! How to end the mix with a 99.5RT Discovery SEONA DANCING and my favorite XB Version of NEW ORDER's "DREAMS NEVER END" which incidentally is the title of this superb mix. I enjoyed listening to the mix. THANKS AGAIN SNOOG for your contribution here in "THE DOCTOR IS IN". Thank you very much everyone who keeps on supporting my blog because without you guys of course I'll not be inspired Blogging here.....and It's Independent so It means I don't make money here. It's just my simple way of sharing what I can share. Just counting my BLESSINGS!!

In behalf of SNOOG and Yours Truly DR. STIRRING RHOD we wanna wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Keep on visiting my blog for more. THANKS A LOT GUYS!! MABUHAY!!


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