THE HOLLOW MEN is an Indie Band from Leeds England composed of DAVID ASHMOORE on vocals, CHOQUE (who was previously in Leeds band Salvation) on guitar, HOWARD "Howi" TAYLOR on bass, BRIAN ROBERTS on guitar and JOHNNY CRAGG on drums. The band was formed back in 1984 and derived their group's named after the famous poem by T. S. Eliot and became a driving force of MADCHESTER SOUND on the late 80s and very early 90s in ENGLAND. They started out only as a two piece band composed of both David Ashmoore and Choque when they released their first single "Late Flowering Lust" back in 1985. They were joined by bassist Howard Taylor for their debut album "Tales Of The Riverbank" released on their own Evensong record label. Brian Roberts, former band mate of Howard in "The Passmore Sisters" then joined them after. THE HOLLOW MEN were introduced here in MANILA by NU107 back in 1990 with their classic song "NOVEMBER COMES". I first heard of the band when I got a copy of a PHILIPPINE Release Compilation Cassette Tape back in 1990 entitled "ALTERNATIVE STATES" under B.M.G. Pilipinas which includes two songs from THE HOLLOW MEN just before I heard them on NU 107. The two songs on that cassette compilation were "November Comes" and "Barefoot Parade" all coming from their "CRESTA" album. I'll be featuring this PHILIPPINE Compilation Cassette Tape here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" in the future since I still have the tape on my vaults. The band released four albums from 1986 to 1994 and these were Tales Of The Riverbank(1986), The Man Who Would Be King(1988),Cresta (1990), and Twisted (1994). Although the band split up in 1991, November Records released their 1994 "Twisted" album only in the U.S. which was made up of unreleased, demo and live tracks.

The only material from THE HOLLOW MEN which I have in my music collection is their "CRESTA" CD which includes their one and only underground MANILA hit "NOVEMBER COMES". Two songs from the album namely "PANTERA ROSA" and "THE MOONS A BALLOON" also got a little radio airplay on both LITEWAVE and CLUB RETRO around 2002-2006 when these MANILA NEW WAVE RADIO shows were still on air . Of course, nothing beats "November Comes" which is still the main song being played here in MANILA back on those times. Definitely, It's my favorite song from the band. I really love the voice and the music!! It's the song every PINOY NEW WAVER would be familiar with the band unless you're not into these stuffs back then which will make my discussion here very out of this world. That's if you get my drift. He He He!! Personally, I like the album because the music is very different from the other bands who were really popular on that Manchester Music scene back then. The album is composed of 10 great tracks with a rave on synthpop style of music. You could really hear the sound of MADCHESTER of the early 90s on all the tracks. So here goes the music of "THE HOLLOW MEN"!! ENJOY THE MUZIC!!



Well, just in case you wanted to have a copy of the CRESTA CD for your listening pleasure then I uploaded my CD for those interested.


1. Don't Slow Down
2. The Moons A Balloon
3. November Comes
4. Pantera Rosa
5. Tongue Tied
6. Barefoot Pardade
7. Louder Than God
8. Beautiful Sun
9. Headstuck
10. Misunderstood


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I included here in my special blogpost of THE HOLLOW MEN the Promo Video of their song "THE MOONS A BALOON" also from their "CRESTA" album which was uploaded by "feverhut" on You Tube:

Watch "THE MOONS A BALOON" Music Video:

Btw, the name of the band "The Hollow Men" always makes me remember this classic movie entitled "HOLLOW MAN" back in 2000 which starred KEVIN BACON because I really like the concept and story of that movie which I watched on the Big Screen at SM MEGAMALL when It was shown here in MANILA. There was a sequel "HOLLOW MAN 2" back in 2006 this time it was starred by CHRISTIAN SLATER but I only watched it on DVD. Both films have different stories and definitely not a continuation of sort and not really related to each other. I still like the first one.

I guess that's it for today's blogpost regarding the band "THE HOLLOW MEN" and a little of "HOLLOW MAN". He he he!! I hope reading this blogpost does not affect your HOLLOW ORGANS of the body. THANKS for dropping by again guys and I hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane!!

Here Comes...



TK99 said...

Thanks for posting this DR. This one I don't have in my collection yet. By the way, the Virgin Dance record will be there on the 26th.

DrStirringRhod said...

Glad you like it Eric!! :-) Wow!! THANKS in advance for the Virgin Dance!!


rey said...

thank you very much for this!

DrStirringRhod said...

You're WELCOME Rey!!