THE PASTELS is a Glasgow-based Indie band formed back in 1982 and was considered to be the group who helped started a musical movement back in the 80s known as "shambling" or "ramshackle" style of music. This musical style is recognizable for its pop playfulness and simplicity in form and sometimes termed as "anorak" pop. Wheeew!! Simple explanation of a genre that sounds complicated don't you think guys? A lot of changes on the band line-up yet the core composed of STEPHEN McROBBIE aka. Stephen Pastel(Vocalist/Guitarist), AGGI WRIGHT(Bassist), and KATRINA MITCHELL (Drummer) would probably be the best known of The Pastels' various phases up until 1990. The very early band line up included Brian Taylor(Guitarist) aka. Brian Superstar and Chris Gordon (Drummer). Other noted band members were Bernice Simpson(Drummer) and Martin Hayward(Bass). Bernice incidentally replaced Chris just after the band was signed up by Whaam! Records. This is one of the bands that I discovered back in 1991 from a friend of mine who lend me a mixtape of obscure 80s bands back then. The tape included the song "Truck Train Tractor" which incidentally is one of my favorites from the band. Unfortunately, this band didn't made any debut here in MANILA back in the 80s. As of today, the band released FIVE Studio albums namely Up For A Bit With The Pastels(1987), Sittin' Pretty (1989), Mobile Safari(1995), Illumination (1997), and Two Sunsets (with Tenniscoats)(2009). There were also a lot of Indie compilations wherein THE PASTELS were included. They even had a soundtrack released back in 2003 entitled "The Last Great Wilderness". Well, the band didn't really broke the mainstream of pop music but still Indie fans definitely loves this band. I myself was also impressed on the kind of musicality they have on every track they made.

"TRUCKLOAD OF TROUBLE: 1986-1993" is a CD compilation of THE PASTELS singles which I bought because this CD alone can give you some of their great works from the band's existence on the specified years of 1986 to 1993. This CD contains 18 Tracks that includes new versions and mixes of The Pastels' singles that I find very refreshing to my eardrum. Well, this compilation is enough for me to remember the band itself and pretty satisfied with the songs included. Although, there are still some songs which were not included in this compilation, music enthusiasts who would like to learn about the band can listen to this CD for them to know about who THE PASTELS were. Of course, the first song I heard from the band is here which is "TRUCK TRAIN TRACTOR". A lot of jangly type of tunes and if you dare to be different then this is really for you guys. The INTRO of the song "NOTHING TO BE DONE" reminds me a lot of the POWER 105 classic hit from HOUSE OF LOVE entitled "I Don't Know Why I Love You". Songs like "FIREBELL RINGING", "SPEEDING MOTORCYCLE", "THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU, and "CRAWL BABIES" are also outstanding cuts in this compilation. I recommend this CD for you guys so I uploaded the entire CD for your listening pleasure if you're interested to have a copy of it. YUP!! Please do get the original CD because It's worth every money you spend. That's how good this compilation is. If you're an avid fan of THE PASTELS and you're eager to hear more, then It is advisable for you to really get their albums for your collection. I uploaded two songs for you to listen to while downloading the CD. ENJOY THE MUZIC!!




1) Thank You for Being You
2) Thru' Your Heart
3) Firebell Ringing
4) Kitted Out
5) Comin' Through
6) Over My Shoulder
7) Truck Train Tractor
8) Crawl Babies
9) Nothing to Be Done
10)Different Drum
11)Not Unloved
12)Baby Honey
13)Speeding Motorcycle
14)Speedway Star
15)What You Said
16)Dark Side of Your World
17)Sometimes I Think About You
18)Sign Across Me


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I included the Music Video of "CRAWL BABIES" uploaded by "provokatie" on You Tube for you to see them singing.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this blogpost of mine about THE PASTELS. Did it add pastel colors to your life by listening to their kind of music? I guess It would be nice to listen to them while eating the Filipino dish called CHICKEN PASTEL. He he he!! Definitely, one underrated and overlooked band that needs to be given credits for their contribution in the world of Indiepop. THANKS again for dropping by!!

That's INDIEed a...


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