THE DYLANS were a Neo -Psychedelic British band formed in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England back in 1989 by Vocalist/ Bassist Colin Gregory who was a former member of 1,000 VIOLINS. Together with Colin were Jim Rodger and Andy Curtis both on guitars, Quentin Jennings on keyboards and Garry Jones on drums continuing the 60s tinged retro style of 1,000 Violins but with a nod to that so-called "Baggy" scene. The band got their name from one of the characters on a children television program called "The Magic Runabout". DYLAN was the Spacey Rabbit character and so the band's name was not really related to Rock And Roll. He He He!! It was back in 1990 when THE DYLANS were signed to Beggars Banquet Records Indie subsidiary Situation Two which is RCA Records in the United States, who released their debut single, "Godlike" back in January 1991. The song reached #5 on the Top 10 of the UK Indie Chart back then. The band subsequently replaced Curtis with Andy Cook and then released two follow-up singles namely "Planet Love" and "Lemon Afternoon" just before the band's Stephen Street-produced self-titled debut album was released in October 1991. THE DYLANS were introduced here in MANILA by NU107 back in 1991 by playing their one and only MANILA hit "PLANET LOVE" coming from their self-titled debut album. I first got to hear the band when I bought this PHILIPPINE Alternative Compilation Cassette Tape entitled "THIS IS MODERN ROCK : Beggars Banquet.... The Experience Continues" back in 1991 when it was released here in MANILA same year. The song "PLANET LOVE" was included in the said compilation. YUP!! It was only released on cassette tape format and we will be featuring this compilation here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" in the future since I still have it on my vaults so watch out for that too. "MODERN ROCK" was the term used by NU107 back in 1989 describing this form of music that seems to be another term for New Wave on the late 80s since the decade is about to end and the 90s is about to begin that time. I can still remember that NU107 was "The Home Of New Rock" and "The Rock Of The 90s"!! Those were the good ol' days indeed!! After that extensive 1991 Tour, The Dylans returned in 1992 with another single entitled "Mary Quant in Blue" with further line-up changes wherein two members namely Jones and Jennings leaving the band to be replaced by Craig Scott and Ike Glover which definitely makes the band very different from their original line-up in 1990-1991. The Dylans were signed up to Atlantic Records due to the growing interest in the band in the United States then moved to the main Beggars Banquet roster in the UK for subsequent releases. Two more singles were followed by the band's swansong 1994 Spirit Finger album which were "Grudge" and "I'll Be Back To Haunt You". The band released two albums and these were The Dylans (1991) and Spirit Finger (1994) before splitting up in 1994 due to the disappointing album sales

If you'll be talking about THE DYLANS here in the PHILIPPINES then there's no question about it that PINOY NEW WAVERS would remember their song "PLANET LOVE" which remained to be their signature song here in MANILA. Definitely every PINOY New Wave collector should have their 1991 self titled album "The Dylans" in their music collection since the NU107 classic "PLANET LOVE" is in the album. YUP!! I have my original CD of the album so get your copy too guys!! The album contains 12 cool tracks which also includes the UK INDIE Top 10 Hit "GODLIKE" which unfortunately didn't made it big here in MANILA during those times. Well, If you're interested to have a copy then I uploaded the entire CD just for your listening pleasure but I still encourage you to get the original one okay. This is clearly for promotional use only. ENJOY THE MUZIC!!

THE DYLANS (Self-Titled)

1) She Drops Bombs
2) Planet Love
3) I Hope The Weather Stays Fine
4) Sad Rush On Sunday
5) No Coming Down
6) Mine
7) Particle Ride
8) Ocean Wide
9) Godlike
10) (Don't Cut Me Down) Mary Quant In Blue
11) Love To
12) Indian Sun


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Aside from "PLANET LOVE", I uploaded two more songs for you to listen to here in my blogpost namely "GODLIKE" and "(DON'T CUT ME DOWN) MARY QUANT IN BLUE. As usual, just PRESS PLAY to Listen to the songs and Watch the video.



Finally, I was able to upload again a Music Video directly here on Blogger which I haven't done for the longest time due to difficulty since the previous MTVs I used on my blogposts were linked on YouTube. I really love listening to"PLANET LOVE"!! Great song indeed and It brings back memories!!


Btw, do you know who the real DYLANS are? Well, it just pop up my mind that Legendary Rock Icon BOB DYLAN and his son JAKOB DYLAN (Lead Vocalist of THE WALLFLOWERS) are THE DYLANS too. He He He!! This father and son musicians of their generation are the real Dylans right guys? That's all about my "THE DYLANS" blogpost for today folks and I hope you enjoyed it again the way I did making and conceptualizing it. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!

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motherof5boys1girl said...

i loved the dylans and i still have their tape!
what i want to know is where they are now and why they didnt try to make a comeback..personally, i think they were ahead of their time because that style of music became very popular not long after they disbanded.

DrStirringRhod said...

Hello motherof5boys1girl!! Wow!! That's a long name. He He He!! I'm not sure where the guys. THANKS for dropping by and for the comment. Greatly appreciated!! Come back soon okay.

djbethell said...

Code for Dylans album doesn't work :(

Gaz Jones said...

Hey there folks, I just came across your site by chance!
My name is Garry Jones, I was the drummer in The Dylans and I can tell you what some of us are up to now!
Colin Gregory owns a Sandwich shop in Sheffield (real good it is too) and I still see him most weeks, Quentin moved to New York and writes music for adverts so Im led to believe, Jim moved away with his wife who he actually met in Japan on tour
And finally Andy Curtis...was, and still is an asshole!
Myself, these days I'm a scaffolder!
There's absolutely not a chance that we'd get back together as Colin only speaks to Jim and myself! Shame really, as I would have loved to!
Anyway, I hope this has cleared up a few things for you, and thankyou for your continued interest in our old band!


DrStirringRhod said...

THANK A LOT Sir Garry for the added info!! It's an honor for me to have you in my blogsite. :-) Do come back for more. I hope you liked my blogpost on THE DYLANS.


Andyc said...

Interesting...Kind of amused by Gary's personal comment, especially as we have not seen each other for over 20yrs...

I keep an eye on the blogs once every couple of years to see who's interested in what we did back then. So thanks all for taking an interest in what we created.

In the mid 90's I moved on from the music industry to manage TV studios in London and Manchester and now I run a business specialising in economic development consultancy working with the Creative and Digital industries (among others) with offices in the UK and USA...

If you're really interested you can see more here: http://www.globalinnovationpartners.com

and here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/andycurtisinnovating

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS Sir Andy for dropping a line!! Now, there's two of you from the band here in my blogpost. :-)