masaGHANAng PACMANalo!!

CONGRATS AGAIN PACMAN!! I guess my KABAYAN Manny Pacquiao is really unstoppable these days since PACMAN has now won 12 straight bouts. Wheeew!! That's what you call a TRUE CHAMPION!! YUP!! That's a total of 8 World Titles in 8 Different Weight Divisions and it's indeed a World Record Achievement for Manny who just won over Joshua Clottey via Unanimous Decision at the sold-out Cowboys Stadium last Saturday MARCH 13, 2010 (U.S. Time). Let's still give credit to Clottey since he is the first opponent after two years to hear the final bell while fighting with Pacman. YUP!! Clottey managed to stay alive up to the 12th round of the fight. Well, It was a very lopsided fight that didn't have much intesity running throughout, but the important thing for my KABAYANS is that Manny won again. That's PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO!! This would be my 4th Blogpost regarding PACMAN's bout here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" and all of those were indeed "CONGRATULATION" blogposts. I'm not anymore going to the details of the fight and let's leave it again to the experts okay. Btw, Rock Band JOURNEY's Filipino Lead vocalist ARNEL PINEDA sang our PHILIPPINE NATIONAL ANTHEM.

So why the blogpost title "masaGHANAng PACMANalo"? MASAGANA is a Tagalog word that means "BOUNTIFUL" and PANALO is also a Tagalog word which means "VICTORY". Of course I used GHANA since It's the country of origin of Joshua Clottey. Everybody knows why I used PACMAN. So I guess that's my little tribute again to my KABAYAN Emmanuel D. Pacquiao aka. PACMAN "The Greatest Fighter Of The Era". THANKS for dropping by again guys!!

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Isang Masaganang Panalo!!

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