Today is MARCH 27, 2010 and the whole world is one to make a stand and save our one and only planet "EARTH". YUP!! It's EARTH HOUR 2010 and last year 2009, I also did a blogpost of EARTH HOUR 2009 and supported this move. The Philippines ranked first among 88 nations in terms of local participation in Earth Hour 2009 wherein over 10 million Filipinos in 647 cities and municipalities switched off their lights during the event, saving an estimated 611MWh of electricity which is equivalent to a temporary shutdown of a dozen coal-fired power-plants. So KABAYANS, it would just take one hour of your time to switch off your lights tonight to be part of this advocacy to save Planet Earth. My little blog "The Doctor Is In" supports this environmental event. EARTH HOUR returns as the largest environmental event in history. Last Thursday,March 25, 2010 we experienced a 4.0 magnitude EARTHQUAKE here in MANILA with an epicenter of 6.0 magnitude in Mindoro. YUP!! We have to get out of our working areas because the whole building was dancing and just in case an aftershock happens. It was really a scary moment. Last January 2010, more than 220,000 people were killed and thousands more were injured when a 7.0 magnitude quake struck Haiti. On February 2010, an 8.8 magnitude quake(the 7th largest ever recorded)killed hundreds more in Chile. Of course who would forget TYPHOON ONDOY, one of the worst Tropical Depression here in my country last September 2009. Recently, El NiƱo is wreaking havoc on the nation’s water, food and power supply. Are these the signs of times? Well, many experts blames it on climate change and of course the people's careless action on Planet Earth. So guys, let's start to be aware of these things okay. So tonight switch off your lights from 8:30-9:30pm. Let's save Planet Earth for the future generations to cherish.

Now in its third year here in my country and envisioned as a celebration of climate change solutions, Earth Hour Philippines 2010 aims to inspire 15 Million Filipinos in 1000 towns, cities and municipalities to switch off and join in the revelry in an environmentally conscious manner. Cities from around the world, from Europe to Africa, are expected to join in this major environmental event. I hope everyone would join this event to show our own support to save our dearest planet. The one and only planet we live in...... PLANET EARTH!!

I'll leave you with the THEME SONG for EARTH HOUR PHILIPPINES 2010 entitled “IF WE TRY” composed by REEV ROBLEDO sung by Percival, Christina Juan and the WWF-Philippines staff: Jose Ma Lorenzo Tan, Anna Montenegro, Mayj Tolentino, Carmen Tan, Marie Sonsehrey Bretana. Recorded at NOISY NEIGHBORS.

Earth Hour Philippines 2010 Theme - If We Try by WWF-Philippines

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