Eight Seconds

EIGHT SECONDS was a Canadian New Wave band formed back in 1982 in Ottawa, Canada composed of ANDRES DEL CASTILLO on lead vocals/guitar, MARK PARENT on guitars, FRANK LEVIN on keyboards, MARCH CESARE on bass, and SCOTT MILKS on drums. Well as the band name suggest, EIGHT SECONDS get's it done in a hurry. I'm glad to present you EIGHT SECONDS here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In"!! EIGHT SECONDS was first introduced here in MANILA back in 1986 by POWER 105 DZBM by playing the classic song "KISS YOU (WHEN IT'S DANGEROUS)". If you'll talk about the band here for deep PINOY NEW WAVERS then this gotta be the song that should be in their minds. It also invaded the 99.5 RT playlist too on 1987. POWER 105 DZBM then also introduced the next EIGHT SECONDS song on MANILA airwaves in 1988 with "WHERE'S BULA" but It didn't really made any impact for PINOY NEW WAVERS back then. The song just disappeared into thin air which is in Pilipino " Nawala siya parang BULA." He He He!! Although EIGHT SECONDS hit the airwaves in Canada back in 1983 with this "Where's Bula" song via CHEZ 106 Sharechez '83 Homegrown contest, It never really got the needed song recall for the youngsters who loves listening to New Wave Music here in the Philippines back then. The band released three albums namely Ottava Rima (1985), Almacantar (1986), and Big Houses (1990).

EIGHT SECONDS' second album "ALMACANTAR" was released back in 1986. It was a 10 track album released on Polydor , a label now owned by Universal Music Canada, which included both POWER 105 DZBM classic "KISS YOU (WHEN IT'S DANGEROUS)" and "WHERE'S BULA". Although the band released three albums, "ALMACANTAR" would definitely be the album that every PINOY NEW WAVE collector should have in their music collection. I first bought the locally released Philippine Pressing of "Almacantar" Vinyl Record back then but decided to swap it for an Imported Pressing since the imported one has an inner sleeve which most local releases doesn't have. YUP!! That's my EIGHT SECONDS Vinyl Record on the photo still very well taken care of. This RUPERT HINE produced-album was the band's first full length album and their first international release billowing with rich textures yet streamlined by rhythmic toughness. Lead Vocalist ANDRES DEL CASTILLO was surprised, dazed, and blown away with the band's success in their homeland during those times. The band even won a Best Video Award from the Canadian Film And Television Association for "Where's Bula" in 1984 and a PROCAN Award for " Kiss You (When It's Dangerous)" in 1987 wherein both songs are included in this "Almacantar" album. Just to give credits on the great cover art on the album I decided to include the names of these people for my special EIGHT SECONDS blogpost which were written on the sleeves of my record. The great cover and sleeve design was done by STEWART DUDLEY while PETER DE GANNES was in charged of illustration and layout. Photography was done by RICHARD DESMARAIS. If you were to look deeply into the album then you'll notice It's like a compilation of songs which the band decided to compile just to finally come up with their first full length album which I think was really successful for them. Well, I'm talking about their country Canada and also here in the Philippines. Who would ever thought that bands like EIGHT SECONDS and the other bands XB, BM , and NU introduced would ever invade this part of ASIA, specifically my country the Philippines.


1) Sincere
2) Kiss You (When It's Dangerous)
3) Call And A Cry
4) Just Pretend
5) Commissioner St.

1) Where's Bula
2) Zoe
3) Wings
4) Listen
5) Land Of The Monster

WATCH the music video of "WHERE'S BULA" here:

So where are the band members these days ? Andrés del Castillo is part owner of R+D Creative which is an audio/video production and multimedia company in Ottawa. Frank Levin was previously involved in the production of Alanis Morrisette's 1991 debut on MCA Records and manages his own studio in Toronto. Scott Milks is still active in Ottawa's music scene with Bigger Than John and is currently an IT manager for the Canadian Government. Mark Parent founded a rock r&b band named Wang Dang Doodle in Montreal in the late 80's and remains active in the Quebec music industry.

I uploaded the Extended Version of "Kiss You (When It's Dangerous)" for you to listen to. This is a Vinyl Rip done by WAVE MASTER of BEE BOP RECORDS for me for my Vinyl Rip collection back in year 2000. Hmmp? Ten years ago!! This version was also included in RETROACTIVE MIXES CD series. I also included the Lyrics just in case you wanna sing.

LISTEN TO "KISS YOU (WHEN IT'S DANGEROUS)" Extended version here:

Lyrics | Eight Seconds lyrics - Kiss You (When It's Dangerous) lyrics


I hope you like my very special EIGHT SECONDS blogpost!! YUP!! It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again of giving tribute to the band. THANKS for dropping by again!!

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McDoC said...

Kiss You when it's Dangerous is definitely one of my fave tunes back in the day. GREAT post DSR!!!

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS A LOT bing!! :-) Nice to see you again here.