Roaring Boys

ROARING BOYS was an Oxbridge educated band from England formed back in 1984 and composed of PAUL MITCHELL on Lead Vocals, NEILL MacCOLL on Guitars/Vocals, CHRIS JONES on Bass, STEFAN OSADZINSKI on Keyboards, TIM MAY on Saxophones/Guitars, and DAVE LARCOMBE on Drums. They all came from Cambridge University. I haven't seen yet an in-depth feature about the ROARING BOYS in the web so here's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of giving tribute to the ROARING BOYS which I consider as a Lost New Wave band of the 80s but with great talent and musicality that needs to be recognized again. ROARING BOYS were first introduced here in MANILA by WXB 102 by playing the Roxy Music sounding "HOUSE OF STONE" back in 1986. Personally, the song reminds me of a POWER 105 DZBM classic from ROXY MUSIC entitled "More Than This". Although considered as an XB classic, It was NU 107 which really made "House Of Stone" a household song for deep PINOY NEW WAVERS. YUP!! An overplayed song during late 1987 and early 1988 on NU 107's early broadcast. Just to quote Mike Sutton on his All Music Guide entry "House of Stone is a burst of inspiration that must have left the band creatively drained, or perhaps they were rushed into the recording studio before they were able to compose equally memorable songs." Well, what can I say? It's definitely the song that made a mark for ROARING BOYS here in MANILA back then. POWER 105 DZBM then introduced the second ROARING BOYS song here in MANILA by playing "EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY" back in early 1988. I first heard this song back in 1987 through a Mix Tape lend to us by my brother's friend back then and I found it very different in style if you'll compare it to "House Of Stone" but It has this fast and catchy melody.

The ROARING BOYS' one and only self titled album "ROARING BOYS" was released back in 1986 and contained 11 tracks. Of course, I didn't missed buying the Vinyl Record which I also consider as a "Must Have" for every PINOY NEW WAVE collectors just to bring back those memories of XB, BM, and NU. Well just like some New Wave albums, this record was not released locally here in MANILA back in those days so PINOY NEW WAVERS like me got our own Imported copies. YUP!! That's my Vinyl Record on the photo!! This album includes both MANILA hits "HOUSE OF STONE" and "EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY". The album showed the musicality of the band using synthesizers, piano, guitars, and the soothing saxophone. The song "House Of Stone" was even included on the Legendary Philippine New Wave Bootleg compilation CD entitled "NEW WAVE DIARY" which I bought back in 1995. YUP!! The very First Volume of the NEW WAVE DIARY series which I will also feature here in my little blog in the future. That was my very first crystal clear CD copy of the song which was really overplayed on my CD player back then. For me, it was the prize catch on the CD. He He He!! I uploaded "Every Second Of The Day" and the LP version of "House Of Stone "for you to listen to. I also included the MTV of "House Of Stone" in this blogpost which is a much shorter version.

ROARING BOYS self-titled LP 1986

1. Every Second of the Day
2. House of Stone
3. Easier Said Than Done
4. Strange Girl
5. Dancing In Your Sleep

1. How
2. All The Time In The World
3. Wilder For You
4. Again and Again
5. Persuasion
6. Call The Tune


The ROARING BOYS was looked after by Billy Gaff who was incidentally the founder of Riva Records and manager of Rod Stewart. Signed in with huge advance by Epic Records, ROARING BOYS were an example of a corporate experiment that went berserk. Sadly, the band's single and the MTV which promoted it did not even reach the expected chart success that the people behind the record label was really relying on. I guess it was never meant to happen anyway. The band had even the benefit of the music business' most expensive producers, video directors , and stylists. A perfect example of a Major Folly by the Major Labels. As Miss Philippines and 4th Runner Up Miss Universe 2010 Venus Raj would say "Major Major". He he he!! Whatever the faith of the band got through, their music will always live on for PINOY NEW WAVERS.

So where are the band members these days? Supremely talented Mercury prize nominee Kathryn Williams has collaborated with former ROARING BOYS guitarist Neill Maccoll and other Artists in an album entitled "TWO" back in 2008. Kathryn and Neil co-wrote most of the songs on the album. Well, I would like to quote BBC "A disc that is to be cherished from first note to last." Personally I really love the Song and Music Video of "Before It Goes" which was included on the "Two" album. No other news or infos on the whereabouts of the other members.

I guess that's my little tribute to the ROARING BOYS here on "The Doctor Is In" . I hope you like it!! I'll leave you with the MTV of "HOUSE OF STONE" which is much shorter than the LP version. I also included the lyrics of the LP version ! THANKS for dropping by again!!

WATCH the Music Video of "HOUSE OF STONE" here:



I was waiting for so long
Took my chances but they had all already gone
But there is nothing I can do
Nothing I can find to prove my love to you

Now that song comes again
And I still remember you saying
Young boy afraid to risk for love
To take a chance
No light,no love will ever grow
Inside your house of stone

Walking in the streets I go
Where you've been I'll never know
Let the music fill this room
Can't you see that I still depend on you

Now that song comes again
And I still remember you saying
Young boy afraid to risk for love
Your chance will pass
No light, no love will ever grow
Inside your house of stone

Now that song comes again (oh, no, no)
I will still remember you saying
Young boy who could not ask for love
Your chance has passed
No light, no love will ever grow
I will build a house of stone

Let's ROAR for the


22ndWave said...

Oh, these guys are so good. I need some serious help if you can provide it. I'm trying to hunt down the B-side to the 'House Of Stone' single release called 'Walk Away' but NOBODY seems to have it! Do you? and if so, please email me, kedwardse1985@hotmail.com

DrStirringRhod said...

Sorry 22ndWave, I also don't have a copy of it. THANKS for dropping by my blog. :-)