TEN TEN was an American NEW WAVE Band hailing from Richmond Virginia that was formed back in 1984 and composed of MARK LEWIS on Lead Vocals/Guitar, PETER BELL on Bass, LEE JOHNSON on Drums/ Percussion, and DON RUZEK on Keyboards /Guitar. Today is 10/10/10 so I decided to feature TEN TEN here on "The Doctor Is In" and It's also 10:10 pm so let's start the clock ticking again for another blogpost. TEN TEN was introduced here in MANILA by WXB102 back in 1986 by playing the song "WHEN IT RAINS". YUP!! It is considered as an XB Classic and a favorite among PINOY NEW WAVERS. This song was also played on NU107 and had massive airplay on POWER 105 DZBM era 1988-1990 when XB said goodbye back in 1987. Definitely one song that made a mark for the band here in MANILA back then if you're talking about deep New Wave since the popularity of the song nor the band didn't made it in the line of mainstream. Coming from a region where Power Pop was the in-thing, these guys has their own repertoire that can produce good melodic music. The Lead Vocalist Mark Lewis had a band called "The Dads" before forming TEN TEN. It was 1984 when TEN TEN released their very first LP entitled "Ordinary Thinking" which landed them on a Major Label Record deal with CHRYSALIS RECORDS few months after It's release.

CHRYSALIS RECORDS would then break TEN TEN into the GERMAN MARKET with the released of their 1986 "WALK ON" LP that was produced by Stephen Street and recorded in Holland that included the single "WHEN IT RAINS". When I first heard this song on WXB102 back in 1986, I hunted down the Vinyl Record on the nearest record bar to my disappointment the Cassette Tape was the first one released here in MANILA back then so I just have to buy first the tape. Of course, I was able to buy the "WALK ON" Vinyl Record too. YUP!! The photo above are my Cassette Tape and Vinyl Record of TEN TEN's "WALK ON" which are still both intact. A must have for PINOY NEW WAVE Collectors indeed just to bring back the good old days. CHRYSALIS RECORDS even tried to sell TEN TEN as the American U2 but didn't materialized. The Music Video of "WHEN IT RAINS" was aired on MTV on 1986, but the entire "WALK ON" album didn't go anywhere the charts even though there are great songs on it. DZBM POWER 105 then introduced the second TEN TEN song on MANILA's airwaves back in 1988 with "RAGS" which was incidentally a favorite of the Late POWER 105 DJ TAZMANIAN DEVIL. Btw, TAZ passed away last MAY 2010. "RAGS" had also massive airplay on POWER 105 back then. Two more songs from this classic album made it to the POWER 105 playlist but really didn't made any impact and these were "THERE GOES EVERYTHING" and "BEYOND ME". Although there was a revival song in the album entitled "MILLION MILES WAY", It never made it to these MANILA New Wave Radio Stations back in the 80s. TEN TEN's "MILLION MILES AWAY" was originally done by "THE PLIMSOULS" back in 1983. I just noticed that the title of THE PLIMSOULS' song was "A MILLION MILES AWAY" while TEN TEN's was "MILLION MILES AWAY" removing the "A". Btw, the song of THE PLIMSOULS was included on the classic 80s VALLEY GIRL original motion picture soundtrack. TEN TEN had also toured with Pete Shelley, The Waterboys, and Simply Red around 1985-1986.


1) When It Rains
2) There Goes Everything
3) Rags
4) The One In You
5) Where The Flowers Grow

1) One Life
2) Beyond Me
3) Walk On
4) Million Miles Away
5)Silver Heaven

Sorry guys but due to the DMCA thing I can't upload the album for you. I really love this album and aside from the songs I've already mentioned, the rest are pretty good and catchy too.

Sadly, the band just disappeared from the world of music. Well, there were news that there might be a One Gig TEN TEN Reunion in their hometown in Virginia since Mark Lewis currently works as a producer/engineer based in New York. But we still don't know if this would push through.

LISTEN to "RAGS" here:
courtesy of JAMR1977

Here's the MTV of "WHEN IT RAINS":
courtesy of Dexbam

Btw, speaking of TEN TEN, did you ever noticed that when you buy a watch or a wall clock the time indicated on the display is 10:10? That's a photo of a Pediatric Clock we have. It has been suggested that the 10:10 time position is used because it resembles a smile thus the so-called "SMILE THEORY" evolved. On the otherhand, according to Thomas A. Frank most manufacturers trademarks are just above the center pipe, and having the hands at 10:10 causes your eye to naturally follow to the trough, thus bringing your view right to the Model name or the trademark which is often centered under the center pipe, ruling out any hand more or less straight down (between 5 and 7). Usually the Date Windows are located at 9 or 3, and subsidiary seconds usually at 6. For aesthetic reasons you want the two hands neither nearly covering each other nor nearly in a straight line. Interesting info for today's 10/10/10 blogpost. YUP!! It's "The Dr Stirring Rhod Way" of featuring 10/10/10 because this does not happen frequently right? Well by default, 10:10 looks better and pretty good.

This morning there was a major event here in MANILA called "A Run For The Pasig River 10.10.10" which is a drive to save Pasig River and restore It's Beauty which was described by Philippine National Hero DR. JOSE RIZAL in his novels. As of now, Pasig River is really polluted. Hopefully, something will change after this event.

I guess, that's all for today my dear readers and supporters. It's about a band called TEN TEN posted on 10:10 pm on 10/10/10. Interesting Isn't it? I hope you enjoyed your stay. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!

Today is 10/10/10
It's 10:10 pm
Walk On TEN TEN!!



Hi, we are fans of TEN TEN and their first album is just as good, but a little more scarce to obtain. please check out our new blog...you may find it interesting if you like these new wave obscurities...Keep up the great work...


DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS Vinyl Obscurity for dropping a line and visiting my blog!! :-) You have a great music blog too!! Do come back again.

Hot Sauce and Eggs said...

any idea where i could purchase Ten Ten music either in CD or MP3? i saw them several times at a very cool club on River St. in Savannah, GA. i had purchased both albums, but don't know where they are now....