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Well for my Blogpost#103 I would like to pay tribute to one of Manila's great radio station..... 103.5 K-Lite(DWKX-FM) was the radio station that has the radio tag "The Right Kind Of Lite" owned and operated by Advanced Media Broadcasting System. This station started back in 1995 and was one of the radio stations that has impressed me a lot in terms of their playlist back then. I was also lucky to be able to tune in to their Test Broadcast back in 1995. Great playlist indeed with a variety of Musical Genres with the best mix of "The Right Kind Of Lite". Originally located at the 17th floor of the now comdemned PHILCOMSEN Building the station moved to PARAGON Building near Pioneer in EDSA by year 2000. I really love their Test Broadcast Playlist and have continued their unique way of Radio Programming which was headed by the station's General Manager ADEL GABOT aka. "Little David". Music from Mike and The Mechanics, Hall And Oates, Crash Test Dummies, Johnny Hates Jazz,and don't forget they were the ones who introduced and popularized ALANIS MORISETTE and HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH on Manila's Airwaves during their 1995 test broadcast. I was also a great fan of the station so once in a while if my time permits and I was not busy I really tuned in to K-Lite. I was able to meet some of their great DJs like Little David, Monica, The Blade, Jinji, and of course RON SOUTH of LITEWAVE(K-Lite's New Wave Show) on some ocassions sponsored by the station. Hmmmp Great Memories indeed!! I will make a seperate Blogpost of K-Lite's New Wave Radio Show "LITEWAVE: Your Ultimate New Wave Archive".


Luckily, when I'm free to join some radio contest I was able to win some invites on their Advance Movie Screenings and some K-Lite Parties. He He He!! Of course, I was able to preserved this tickets.
103.5 K-Lite was also the first and only Philippine Radio Station who sponsored a "DRIVE-IN MOVIE". Huh? A "Drive-In Movie" event here in MANILA....How's that possible? Hmmmp!! I have to give it to LITTLE DAVID for this great idea. BTW, Little David conceptualized all the Radio Shows at K-Lite. YUP!! I was able to watch two K-Lite Drive-In Movies back in 1999 and these were the movies "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER"( January 1999) and "THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY"(November 1999) which were both held at TOPAZ ROAD ORTIGAS CENTER PARKING LOT. There were a lot actually but I was only able to watch their 3rd and 7th Drive-In Movie specials. Hmmmp!! Watching a movie on big screen while sitting inside your car then tuned-in to 103.5 K-Lite for the AUDIO.....THAT WAS REALLY A TREAT YEAH!! I thought It was just a dream because this is MANILA. Ooows!! Actually K-Lite was also the first one who made an interactive Talk Show by letting their listeners give their views and comments through......guess what? THE BEEEPER!! YUP!! Cellphones were not the in-thing during those times so no text messages. Ha Ha Ha! I remembered sending messages on the "TWISTED" Talk Show hosted by JESSICA ZAFRA and Little David through the Beeper. HE HE HE!! ASTIG!!

Here are the Two Big Drive-In Movie Tickets I've won back then that is to be place on the Car's Windshield while watching the movie.

I'm very thankful that the guys gave me two VERY EXCLUSIVE K-LITE CDs back then namely "K-Lite's 2nd Year Anniversary CD" in 1997 and "The Lite CD (The 2001 Collection) CD" in 2001. Hmmmp!! GREAT SOUVENIRS INDEED of this great Radio Station.

I listed all the radio shows and specials of 103.5 K-LITE from 1995 to 2006 for you to reminisce:

The Morning Show
Changing Gears
Twisted with Jessica Zafra
Lite & Live
Faster than Lite
Black & Lite
Classic Lite
E-Z Street
Freeway 1035
K-Lite Reload
9Night Trip
K-Lite After Hours
The Red Eye
Weekend Getaway
The K-Lite Weekly Tally

....and of course

Incidentally, K-Lite was also one of the very first Philippine Radio Stations that was available on Internet Streaming. Well, I was really one of those guys who were upset when the station bid farewell in late November 2006 and was replaced by a new management and was called HEART 103.5. By this time K-Lite was already known as "Manila's Lite Alternative".Sadly, It was wayback 2002 when Little David left the station with some differences with the management and the station programming was never the same again. As I blog right now FM Radio Frequency 103.5 is known as "103 and a half MAX FM". Well, that's life!! I really missed the station and LITEWAVE which I also became a part of this New Wave Radio Show.

K-Lite's DJs "Little David" and "Monica" on their lovely wedding.

Thanks 103.5 K-Lite(1995-2006)
for the great music and memories!!


ronrag said...

reading from your blog, it is quite discernible that you're a K-Lite fan too!! i miss the station a lot and when they stopped airing, i went back to playing and listening to my CDs. at present, i still don't have any FM station where i listen to whenever i'm out there on the road inside my car.

thanks for dropping by on my little corner, doc.

DSR said...

Thanks also Ronrag for dropping by my little blog. Well, a lot of us really do miss K-Lite. YUP!! I also listen to K-Lite while driving because it was one station that was nice to listen to straight.... and not changing radio frequencies.


Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

hi there... i join you in cheering the station formerly known as K-Lite!
I was such a fan, I even called in during TalkBack, the rush hour radio talk show, I listened to NiteLite, even Twisted on Sundays. I even miss Sonny Z's morning intro.
They defined "cool" back then... I still miss it...

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS Jasper for dropping by my Blog!! YUP!! I also missed KLITE!! Great Radio Station!! :-)


audioslave said...

Hi! It's nice to reminisce about THE coolest station of those days. Thanks for making me remember how great music and great jocks used to rule the airwaves. I miss Martin Gill...Can you still remember all the "original" guys with K-Lite? One of them was gracious enough to give me 10 free tickets to the station's first anniversary party when I dropped by the station. Oh well, that was gazillions of years ago that's why I can't remember his radio name anymore. Maybe if you can recall them all then I can remember his radio name.

It was only K-Lite that made "Wildfire" by Daryl Hall the number 1 song during their nightly countdown. It was and still is a great song that only few people know.

Thanks for sharing your memories of K-Lite. Makes me smile again.

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS audioslave for dropping by!! :-) YUP!! KLITE was a great radio station back then. I definitely remember those original KLITE DJs back then because I was able to tune in to them on their first test broadcast.


TGCklitefan said...

This is the old K-lite, but it rises again since July 22, 2013. They revive the station again after 7 years of silence, And after Mr. FU resigns and returned to his original home 106.7 Energy FM.