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For my Blogpost #102:
"This Is 102 Music"
"This is 102 Music" is a famous phrase that the Legendary XB DJs would say on air during the 80s and it has been carried out also on their recent Internet Radio resurrection. Back in 1988, my friend bought a Bootleg Cassette Tape Compilation at the Legendary HIGH ADVENTURE shop entitled "102 MUSIC"which I was able to borrow and taped. Well, sadly he loss the tapes...why tapes? Because their were Two Volumes released. Hmmmp!! Gladly I was able to tape both cassette tapes and made my own HouseMixTape from the Bootleg Tape back in 1988 . YUP!! It's still with me!! HouseMixTape is the term coined for the cassette tapes that you taped by yourself as your own selection either from a Vinyl record, Cassette Tape, or even CD source during those times. I entitled it "BEST OF 102 volumes one and two".

MY own "BEST OF 102"



As you will notice back in 1988 when I made this Cassette Tapes I was not yet into Computers. I was only playing 80s arcade games but not into printing or any other computer work so I made the covers by myself by cutting out Pictures on Magazines and by using Graphics sticker to make the titles. I used the Typewriter for my Tracklist. Hmmmp!! How Innovative of me. Ha Ha Ha!! This is much better than the HIGH ADVENTURE Bootleg Tapes. He He He!! Well, those were the days!! Actually the Original Covers of "102 MUSIC" were well crafted and created back then but sorry we were not able to take photos of it. Well, my version of Volume One was much longer than the original because I used a C-90 blank tape so I recorded extra tracks. Oh diba? May "Extra Tracks" nako nalalaman noon. Ha Ha Ha!! I usually use the term "Extra Rice" when I'm not yet full eating my meal. Ha Ha Ha!! My Volume Two has the same Tracklist on the original bootleg. "102 MUSIC" Tracklist includes music from LULU KISS ME DEAD, THE HUMANS, ADAM ANT, BIG COUNTRY, JOY DIVISION, THE WATERBOYS and many more. Definitely a classic bootleg tape indeed back on those days here in MANILA. YUP!! I made the same TRACKLIST on my own HouseMixTape version. I still have both Tapes preserved on my collection which I will always cherish. GREAT MEMORIES INDEED!!
In 1996, I saw two CDs at Greenhills entitled "BEST OF 102 MUSIC" volumes one and two. Hmmmp!! They copied my HouseMixTape title? How could it be? OoowS!!Just like THE CHAMELEONS would sing on TEARS....."IT'S JUST COINCIDENCE". I was not able to purchase right away the CDs because that time it was really too expensive. When I had enough budget for it and tried to return to the shop but It wasn't there anymore. Hu! Hu! Hu!! Well, luckily I was able to locate a copy from a KABAYAN courtesy of JAMES aka. "strangeface87". I got to know James at the New Wave Outpost and I was really glad to see the CD on his Multiply Account.Why the aka. "strangeface87"? Well, James informed me that It's the name of their 4th Year High School Group back in 1987 wherein they got it from the lyrics of a WXB102 classic TRANSLATOR song "COME WITH ME". Ooops!! Nabisto ko tuloy edad mo nyan James. He He He!AYUZ!!

"BEST OF 102 MUSIC" Volumes One and Two
The CD Covers

The CDs
Consider as Bottleg CDs? I suppose....? The CD cover says that's It was Made In England by CONFUSION RECORDS. Now I'm confused!! Nevertheless, It's a great compilation. I actually thought this has the same Tracklist as to the 1988 Cassette Tape Bootleg....It has indeed a different Tracklist from the Tape. It was a different compilation and totally not related.

Volume One:
1. echo & the bunnymen - the killing moon
2. joy division - love will tear us apart
3. x'mal deutschalnd - incubus succubus II
4. berlin - the metro
5. the church - shadow cabinet
6. the smiths - this charming man
7. the colourfield - the colourfield
8. the lotus eaters - it hurts
9. the waterboys - the pan within
10. gene loves jezebel - desire
11. the killing joke - love like blood
12. the cult - wildflower
13. propaganda - duel
14. siouxsie & the banshees - hongkong garden

Volume Two:
1. the icicle works - birds fly (a whisper to a scream)
2. the care - my boyish days
3. siouxsie and the banshees - christine
4. the chameleons - tears
5. the fall - creep
6. the mission - over the hills & far away
7. u2 - new years day
8. modern english - i melt with you
9. the care - flaming sword
10. tones on tail - twist
11. bauhaus - third uncle
12. exploited - sex & violence
13. the lotus eaters - german girl
Whether It was the original "102 MUSIC" Bootleg Cassette Tape, My "BEST OF 102" HouseMixTape, or James' "BEST OF 102 MUSIC" CD..... They are all definitely "102 MUSIC". YUP!! As the XB DJs would say "THIS IS 102 MUSIC".
THANKS JAMES for sharing the CD photos!!
Visit JAMES' site here:

Hmmmp!! There was also a Volume Three? Just got it courtesy of bingbong thru Mckoy. This is entitled "102 MUSIC Volume 3 Alternative Rock". I guess this CD is related to the first two. It is different in a way because the term Alternative Rock was infused. Hmmmp!! This time this was Made In France? Well, like we PINOYS would say "ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES" Thanks a lot guys!!

Volume Three:
1) ultravox– white china
2) gang of four –damaged goods
3) the shriekback –nemesis
4) the call –everywhere I go
5) killing joke – eighties
6) the flirts – jukebox (don’t put another dime)
7) transvision vamp – tell that girl to shut up
8) x’mal Deutschland – qual
9) gene loves jezebel - sweetest thing
10)bad manners – special brew (live)
11)the cult – rain
12)the fixx – red skies
13)paul young – love will tear us apart
14)bad manners – lollipop
15)the sound – total recall
16)R.E.M. – 1,000,000


djjack7007 said...

I still remember your 102 Tapes, hiniram ko pa nga yan sa yo.

DSR said...

YUP!! Napreserved ko ng mabuti. :-)


sir may volume 4 pa yan diba?

DrStirringRhod said...

I'm sorry Jetro, but there was no Volume 4 released. THANKS for dropping by my blog!! :-)