Well, since today is my 100th Blogpost and I'm a great advocate of "PROUD TO BE PINOY" ideals....what a better way to celebrate it by featuring this PHILIPPINE RELEASE 6 CDs Compilation entitled "BEST OF 100 Music Of The Eighties". WOW!! I can't believe it!! Not really that much posting since I just find free time to update my blog for fun and of course to share my thoughts and music to everyone especially for you regular visitors of my little blog. YUP!! The NEW WAVE/PUNK scene here in MANILA!! I'm not here to compete with other Website...I'm just here for fun and relaxation. He He He!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH GUYS for the uplifting comments both here on my BLOG and on my Multiply account. And of course THANK YOU ALSO VISITORS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES!! Hmmmp!! Are there VISITORS FROM OTHER PLANETS here? Naaaah!! Thanks also to my KABAYANS who have contributed on this little Blog of mine. YUP!! Because of you guys I'm still here blogging to the nth degree. Ha Ha Ha!!

BEST OF 100 MUSIC OF THE EIGHTIES was released by EMI Philippines last 2006. Another Philippines release compilation of cool music from the decade that we won't forget easily and that's the 80s. This would be cherished a lot!! Well, I bought a copy for collection purposes even though I have most of the songs already because of it's well organized TRACKLIST. I consider the TRACKLIST of this 6 CDs as a "PINOY NA PINOY" thingy. NEW WAVE and 80s as defined by PINOY WAVERS. YUP!! It's very FILIPINO indeed. Why? I could only say XB,BM, and NU inspired with a combination of Common 80s music that's fit for PINOY consumption and of course for the whole world to hear too. You just don't get those "Hard To Find", "Out Of Print", "Rare" materials but sometimes you have to be real and get back to the basics. Music from APRIL SHOWERS (first original and major Manila CD release though it was released on Bootleg Compilation before),TUESDAY BLUE, RAILWAY CHILDREN, THE PALE FOUNTAINS, INDUSTRY, THE BIBLE, SCARLET AND BLACK, etc. The other side of the coin would be RICHARD MARX, SHEENA EASTON, MEL AND KIM, COREY HART. etc. I love the infusion of Bobby Mcferrin's song " Don't Worry, Be Happy". That's what you always have to remember!!

This CD compilation is compose of 3 Colorful Double Disc Package. That makes it 6 CDs for listening pleasure. Definitely this would take you back again in time and to those who were just too young during the 80s to appreciate such musical genre then this is the right collection for you to discover the Unforgetable 80s. As my very own MUSIC DICTUM would go"Music Matters and Memories Of It Matters Most". WOW HEAVY!! Hebigat ba mga KABAYANS? Hmmmp!! 100 songs for your time travel? Not bad at all!! This CD compilation was also sold outside the gate of the LOST 80's LIVE IN MANILA CONCERT last April 19,2008. It's still much available on your SUKING TINDAHAN. He He He!
This collection is displayed on Manila's Record Bars together with two other BEST OF 100 series namely "BEST LOVE 100" and "BEST OF 100 Music Of The Sixties". Well, it's up to you if you wanna get the other two. If you're Sentimental like most PINOYS then the LOVE series would be appropriate for you,but if you are into Baby Boomer music then get the SIXTIES series.

Do you know that there is another set of 100 Series dealing with the 80s but a different version? YUP!! It's entitled "100 ESSENTIAL 1980s"!! A lot of RETRO releases here in the Philippines lately.
100 % 80s INDEED!!


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