AZTEC CAMERA were a Scottish New Wave band from Glasgow which was formed back in 1980 and led by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter RODDY FRAME. The band's line have constantly change throughout their musical career and basically RODDY FRAME was the one and constant member of band. Founding members included CAMPBELL OWEN on Bass and DAVE MULHOLLAN on Drums while CRAIG GANNON and ROB CREMONA joined them from 1983 to 1984. Formerly guitarist of Josef K and Orange Juice MALCOLM ROSS on the other-hand joined the band back in 1984.Roddy Frame was the only de facto member of the band by the time Aztec Camera's Third Album "LOVE" was released in 1987 wherein future albums of the band credited to Aztec Camera were actually performed by Frame and studio musicians hired on a track-by-track basis. So when you say AZTEC CAMERA...It pertains to RODDY FRAME. Here's "The Dr. Stirring Way" of remembering the band that also made a mark for PINOY NEW WAVERS here in MANILA which was generally considered to be born out of the New Wave movement by featuring their compilation"The Best Of Aztec Camera".YUP!! A great band that revolutionized guitar pop. AZTEC CAMERA was first introduced here in MANILA by WXB 102 back in 1985 by playing "WALK OUT TO WINTER" which is still considered the most popular song from the band among PINOY NEW WAVERS. The second MANILA hit would be "OBLIVIOUS" then it was followed by a lot of their songs from "HIGH LAND, HARD RAIN" and "KNIFE" albums wherein both WXB 102 and POWER 105 DZBM included in their playlist back in the 80s. By the time their "LOVE" album came to the radio airwaves it was NU 107's turn to spin the new material by late 1987 by including "SOMEWHERE IN MY HEART" on their Test broadcast. I'll get through the specific details on all their songs when I feature their albums here in "The Doctor Is In".

AZTEC CAMERA first appeared on a Glasgow cassette-only compilation of local unsigned bands via PUNGENT RECORDS. Wheeew!! What a name!! This record label was affiliated with the Fumes Fanzine run by Danny Easson and John Gilhooly who championed several Glasgow bands before they hit the big time. AZTEC CAMERA's first UK 7” single was released by Glasgow-based indie label POSTCARDS RECORDS back in January 1981 and contained the songs “Just Like Gold” and “We Could Send Letters”. The latter song appeared on the influential C81 compilation cassette released by NME in 1981 which I already featured here on my blog back in November 2008 so just check it on my Labels. "We Could Send Letters" is also included here in the CD I'm featuring right now. AZTEC CAMERA released six albums and they were High Land, Hard Rain (1983), Knife (1984), Love (1987), Stray (1990), Dreamland (1993), and Frestonia (1995). Of course they have 12 inchers too and some of their songs where included in a lot of compilations.

"The Best of Aztec Camera" is a 16- Track excellent overview of RODDY FRAME's songwriting as AZTEC CAMERA from their 1983 debut "High Land, Hard Rain" up through 1993's "Dreamland". This compilation was released back in 1999 and I didn't missed out buying it since it entails Aztec Camera's brand of witty, sophisticated and jazzy guitar pop. Well, if you wanted to go deeper in their music then you can buy their albums too. I love their kind of music and it still sounds good after all these decades. This is a sort of time capsule CD that will let you remember those songs that actually climb up the charts or just plain popular hits I may say. Definitely, a must-have for your music collection. All songs included here were played by XB, BM, and NU back on those days when FM Radio still has class of It's own. Nowadays? Naaah!! FM radio sucks!! I made my CD available for download just in case you still don't have a copy and so if you like it then better buy the original CD because nothing beats the Physical Music Format with the art works and most especially owning the Compact Disc itself gives that unknown pleasure for music collectors like me. I'm just promoting the CD. This is one CD you can listen to from beginning to end without getting bored because It's an excellent trip down memory lane. So don't just take photos using your Digital Camera, why not try using Aztec Camera. He He He!! ENJOY THE MUZIC!!


1) Somewhere In My Heart
2) Oblivious
3) Good Morning Britain
4) Working in a Goldmine
5) How Men Are
6) Birth of the True
7) Pillar To Post
8) Walk Out To Winter
9) All I Need Is Everything
10)Deep and Wide and Tall
12)Killermont Street
13)The Crying Scene
14)Spanish Horses
15)Reason for Living
16)We Could Send Letters


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[Inner Photographs] by:
Andrew Catlin
Bleddyn Butcher
Peter Anderson
Richard Burns

[Outer Cover]
Tom Sheehan

I'll leave you with the Music Video of "WALK OUT TO WINTER" where you can see the young 16-year old Roddy Frame. Well, there's no Winter Season here in the Philippines so I just better listen to the song since It's really a hot summer right now here in MANILA. Ha Ha Ha!! After AZTEC CAMERA, Roddy Frame finally went out to consider a solo career in music although he is basically Aztec Camera. I guess he just have to use his name than use the band's name. I hope you like your stay here in my blog. THANKS again for dropping by!!


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Let's Walk Out To Winter

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