Mostly It's PACQUIAO!!

MABUHAY KA Emmanuel D. Pacquiao popularly known as MANNY "PACMAN" PACQUIAO!! YUP!! It's KABAYAN Manny Pacquiao's win over Sugar Shame este Shane Mosley via unanimous decision with the judges scoring the bout at 119-108, 120-108, 120-107 all in favor of the Filipino Boxing Icon. Definitely, another way of being "PROUD TO BE PINOY" thing!! This will be a 6th blogpost of MANNY PACQUIAO here on "The Doctor Is In". Hindi lang Pang-Music, Pang-Sports pa!! KAILANGAN PA BANG I-MEMORIZE YAN!! Ha Ha Ha!! Another achievement for Manny who is now considered as the First Billionaire in the Philippine House Of Congress, Huh? KABAYANS do you believe that? Personally, Manny is the First Honest Income Billionaire Congressman in the Philippines since every KABAYANS knows that there are more of this Billionaire thing in Congress that got it from CORRUPTION and that doesn't include our great boxing icon since Manny earned everything the good and proper way. Everyone is not blind. He He He!! Pacquiao no doubt dominated the fight as Mosley refused to attack him throughout the fight. What a Shame for Mosley and there's no more Sugar okay!! Pacquiao definitely outclassed Mosley!! PACMAN wore his yellow gloves as a symbol of unity and fight for poverty here in the Philippines which is still very much present. Nice advocacy indeed!! It was also nice seeing another popular KABAYAN singing the Philippine National Anthem with grace and perfection, and she's none other than CHARICE PEMPENGCO. No criticism this time since she sang it the way it should be sang with no alteration whatsoever.

Manny Pacquiao delivered a solid left punch from his own combination which made Shane Mosley saw stars and dropped down the ring on Round 3. A push by Sugar Shane on the 10th round made Pacman really angry with the referee because he was counted down but Mosley just went on avoiding Pacman's punches. YUP!! He's like a chicken running without the head. Manny is now considered "THE DESTROYER" since he really destroyed everyone on path and of course destroying the boxing careers of his opponents. So what's next? I guess FLOYD "The Chicken" MAYWEATHER is really afraid to face Pacquiao because Manny will surely destroy his Undefeated Clean Slate and Manny will also destroy his career. CONGRATULATIONS MANNY PACQUIAO!! You made the whole FILIPINO COMMUNITY again "PROUD TO BE PINOY"!!

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I'll leave with a Video clip of another PINOY PRIDE "CHARICE" singing The Philippine National Anthem on the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight. "PROUD TO BE PINOY!!


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