THE CURE "Killing An Arab"

"KILLING AN ARAB" was the first single by THE CURE which was recorded at the same time as their first LP in the UK was released back in 1979 entitled "Three Imaginary Boys" but was not included on the said album. The song was included on the band's first US album entitled"Boys Don't Cry" back in 1980. YUP!! That's the photo of The Three Imaginary Boys of THE CURE which was the first ever line-up composed of ROBERT SMITH on Vocals, MICHAEL "Mick" DEMPSEY on Guitar, and LAURENCE "Lol" TOLHURST on Percussion. "Killing An Arab" was first played here in MANILA by WXB 102 back in 1985 and became very popular among PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS back then. According to The Cure's lead vocalist/songwriter ROBERT SMITH, "Killing An Arab" was a short poetic attempt at condensing his impression of the key moments in the book by ALBERT CAMUS entitled "L'√Čtranger (The Stranger)". A song with a very controversial lyrics indeed!! The lyrics describe a shooting on a beach in which the Arab of the title was killed by the song's narrator. In the book written by Camus, the protagonist name Meursault shoots an Arab on a beach overwhelmed by his surroundings and was condemned for his honesty about his feelings and was considered as a stranger because "he refuses to lie" and "doesn't play the game". Interesting isn't it? I guess this blogpost of mine is just going with the times as always. Personally, I love the beat of "Killing An Arab" and every PINOY NEW WAVER I bet knows the complete lyrics of this very short song by ROBERT SMITH and the rest of THE CURE.

Well, the latest news of Al Quida leader Osama Bin Laden's death have made a great impact on how terrorism and justice define today's norms. All of us remember the tragic 9/11 act of terrorism which definitely went beyond what everyone can imagine. That's the crashing of two planes on the WORLD TRADE CENTER back in March 2001 that killed thousands. That's 10 years ago and now justice was served.

The United States of America under the leadership of President Barack Obama led the operations in Pakistan that killed Bin Laden. For a lot of people and especially those families of the victims, It's a great victory. Definitely terrorism doesn't end here and all of us should still be vigilant.

I just noticed:
U.S. President Barack OBAMA
U.S. Vice President Joe BIDEN

and SING-ALONG with it HERE:

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THE CURE for terrorism?

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