NEW WAVE/ POST-PUNK/ PUNK ROCK were considered very influencial musical genres in the underground here in MANILA back in the 80s. There were basically three major radio stations that spread these kind of genres like a fire in the sky. I'm talking about WXB102, POWER 105 DZBMFM, and NU107. Though 99.5RT has also It's share to the success of this kind of music, PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS have still considered XB, BM, and NU as those that really opened up the musical tastes of the youngsters back then regarding this musical genre. The year 1987 was a memorable year on MANILA's FM Dial and I made a special blogpost entitled "1987" before so do check it out for those who haven't read it. So why am I talking about 1987? Well, this was the year that WEA RECORDS and WARNER BROTHERS released this PHILIPPINE New Wave Vinyl Compilation Album entitled "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC". YUP!! PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS would definitely remember this great Philippine Compilation which was made into THREE VOLUMES. KABAYANS, "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC" is finally here on "The Doctor Is In". Personally, I still consider these series as the BEST PHILIPPINE VINYL NEW WAVE COMPILATION SERIES ever conceptualized back in the 80s here in my country. This part of the WORLD and specifically this part of ASIA. Definitely, PINOY NEW WAVERS should have this set on their collection whether it be the complete Triple Volume Series or just any of the three just to be reminded that there did come a time that "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC" invaded MANILA.

I was lucky to be able to complete the set because I still consider it the best New Wave Compilation Vinyl series to be pressed here in the Philippines back in the 80s. When I saw the very first volume on the record bar back in 1987, I didn't hesitate to buy it at once because the compilation cover blew me off and the tracklist was indeed a winner.

The first "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC" compilation contains TEN GREAT BANDS with TEN GREAT TRACKS that would satisfy any PINOY WAVER'S cravings back then. This was released few weeks after WXB102 bid farewell on MANILA's FM Dial back in JUNE 1987. MEMORIES INDEED!! The highlight of "THE BEST OF MUSIC" was It's content and how It shaped up the landscape of NEW WAVE MUSIC here in MANILA back then. Usually the term "NEW MUSIC" back in the 80s here in MANILA was used to describe "NEW WAVE MUSIC" as It was used also on the two classic Philippine New Wave Vinyl Compilations that I have featured here in my little blog wayback 2007 namely "It's Called New Music" and "New Music, Perfect Rhythm". Well, for those who haven't read my corresponding blogposts on these two Philippine New Wave Vinyl Compilations just check out my LABELS(Information Society) on the middle right corner of my blog. The price catch on this Vinyl would be THE CHAMELEONS U.K. 's XB classic "TEARS". This set also includes nine more songs from nine artists on the genre that made it big on NU107 and POWER105 DZBMFM since WXB102 already disappeared on the airwaves when this was locally released. YUP!! TEN SONGS from TEN ARTISTS!! The compilation includes music from AZTEC CAMERA, JESUS & MARY CHAIN, ALPHAVILLE, LONE JUSTICE, WEATHER PROPHETS, PRIMAL SCREAM, ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN, SISTERS OF MERCY, and CHARM SCHOOL. Definitely one great NEW WAVE compilation for PINOY WAVERS to remember the good old days. The Cover Design which was very impressive was created by Ella Chico. What can I say? It's perfect!!

Here are the photos of some of the Artists/Bands:






Due to the success of the "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC", WEA RECORDS and WARNER BROTHERS decided to release "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC 2" the following year 1988 and the line-up was as impressive and great as the first one. Of course, I also bought the Vinyl Record at once when I saw It available on the record bars back in 1988. I love the compilation that after a month I bought the cassette tape version of It so that I can listen to it on my SONY WALKMAN. He He He!! "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC 2" this time has more Artists and Songs in the Tracklist. YUP!! It's TWELVE SONGS from TWELVE ARTISTS!! Most of the songs here were not played on WXB102 except PROPANGANDA's version of "FEMME FATALE" which incidentally was a favorite on MORNING MAN'S REQUEST ROUND-UP back in 1987. I even remember the song making it to the Legendary WXB102 TOP TEN MOST SEQUESTERED SONGS also back in 1987. Wheeew!! MEMORIES INDEED!! Majority of the songs were made popular by both NU107 and POWER105 since 1988 was the year that these two Philippine New Wave Radio Stations were on It's peak of FM competition if you're talking about the PINOY Music enthusiasts back then regarding the genre called NEW WAVE. I have to say that the price catch of this Vinyl Compilation would be WHITE CHINA's "SMILES AND JOKES" which was considered a POWER 105 EXCLUSIVE and so with the release of this compilation finally PINOY WAVERS could have a true original copy of the song on their respective collections back in 1988. PINOY WAVERS wouldn't forget music here from THE WILD SWANS, THE SCREAMING BLUE MESSIAHS, 10,000 MANIACS, MARTINI RANCH, UNDERWORLD, FUZZ BOX, and THE PAINTED WORD wherein all of these bands were introduced by both POWER105 and NU107. Of course, this compilation also includes some WXB102 bands like THE ADVENTURES, THE SISTERS OF MERCY, and THE SOUND even though their respective songs in this compilation were not played on WXB102 as I have mentioned a while ago. So what do you think KABAYANS? Nice line-up right? This time the Sleeve Design was created by Matt Joson which has a resemblance from the first volume wherein the main difference was that the Front Cover this time has also the Artist names and songs included in the compilation. The cassette tape version have a different packaging because It included a folded inner/outer sleeve that contained photos of all Ten Artists which were featured in this classic New Wave Philippine compilation as you can see on the cassette tape photos I included here in my blogpost.

Here's my classic cassette tape of "The Best Of New Music 2"



Here are the photos of some of the Artists/Bands:




10,000 MANIACS

Well, to end up the successful Decade of the Eighties, "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC Volume Three" was released late 1989. Like It's two predecessors, this Vinyl Compilation has another impressive line-up of Artists and Songs from the NEW WAVE GENRE with PINOY FLAVOR and It's back again to 10 Artists/Songs. There are two songs here which were considered "102 Music" and they were "I Wanna Be Sedated" by RAMONES and "The Bridge" by CACTUS WORLD NEWS which incidentally was the only CACTUS WORLD NEWS material that was released in Vinyl here in the Philippines. YUP!! PINOY WAVERS back in the 80s have to get their CACTUS WORLD NEWS materials as import back then. The rest of the TRACKLIST made it big on both POWER105 and NU107 and these were music from THREE O' CLOCK, BOOK OF LOVE, TANITA TIKARAM, THE SOUP DRAGONS, FIGURES ON A BEACH, GRACEPOOL, JAMES, PM, and another song from ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN which is "Lips Like Sugar" since Volume One contains their song entitled "The Game". Definitely another PINOY NEW WAVER Blockbuster!! This is indeed a cherished compilation that will be remembered. This time, the cover and sleeve was designed by both Ella Chico (Volume One) and Matt Joson (Volume Two) which brought to a close the decade of the 80s here in MANILA. Hmmmp!! Join forces for the sleeve design I may say!! The cover which stated "Musique Nouveau Par Excellence" definitely describe the real score for this last of the series.The cover is also a collage of magazine clippings that gave some bits of infos regarding the bands and some songs which were featured here on Volume Three.

Here are the photos of some of the Artists/Bands:





Well, I do hope you guys and especially my KABABAYANS enjoyed another trip down memory lane with this blogpost of mine to remember NEW WAVE at It's finest here in MANILA back in the 80s. That was indeed the good old days of XB, BM, and NU which opened the musical taste for Filipinos in one of the most memorable decade.... "The 80s!!". Why am I buying these Philippine Pressed Vinyl compilations and featuring it here on my little blog? Well, my simple answer would be "It was Conceptualized and MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES"!! YUP!! It's PROUDLY PHILIPPINE MADE!! Hopefully in my free time, I'll feature all of the bands in these compilations in the future. I was just lucky to have completed the entire series coming from my pocket on my saved allowances during those times. He He He!! Those were the days indeed!! Nice to recall and remember!! THANKS again for dropping by "The Doctor Is In"!! That's just my fondest memories on these great series!! It's the Philippine Released New Wave Vinyl Compilations entitled "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC", "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC 2", and "THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC Volume Three". It's another "THE BEST OF THE GREATEST!!" I hope you liked it!!

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spawn said...

do you happen to remember what song charm school has in the best of new music volume 1?

i lost my copy


DrStirringRhod said...

Hey spawn of course. :-) I have all these Records right? The song is "Dancer". THANKS for dropping by!! :-)

Ryan said...

dang! this is the music I grew up with... new music 1 until 4.. do you happen to have the two volumes of Different Tribes and the CBS Modern Rock compilations?..thanks doc!

Ryan said...

how about the IVth volume? I can still remember it had Howard Jones' Everlasting Love and all..don't you have it?

DrStirringRhod said...

Ryan, there is no 4th volume. The compilation you are referring to with that Howard Jones song is entitled "New Music's Best." YUP!! I have the two volumes of DIFFERENT TRIBES and also CBS MODERN ROCK. I'll be featuring these compilations here in my blog in the future. THANKS for dropping a line!!

Reuben said...

i had these three compilations in tape form way back.. definitely some of my fave compilations then, aside from the pinoy "nu rock: the album" and "10 of another kind".. i can still remember all the song titles except from "The Sound" in volume 2.

DrStirringRhod said...

Well, nice to hear that Reuben!! Every hardcore PINOY NEW WAVER should have these compilations in their vaults. THANKS for dropping a line KABAYAN!! :-)