Christmas In Our Hearts

"Christmas In Our Hearts" album of JOSE MARI CHAN was released by UNIVERSAL RECORDS back in 1990. It is still the ONLY OPM Christmas album that has reached Double Diamond Record status as of December 2006. Well, I still remember this term "Double Diamond Record Award" which became very controversial because PINOY Folk Legend Freddie Aguilar questioned this type of award back on those days. The album is considered as "The Best-Selling OPM Christmas Album Of All Time"! This is the equivalent of 20 times platinum or 800,000 copies sold! Wow!! That's a lot I may say!! Jose Mari Chan holds the distinction of achieving not one, but Two Double Diamond Records in the local recording industry with "Christmas In Our Hearts" and "Constant Change". Jose Mari Chan has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry better known as P.A.R.I. and The Metro Pop Foundation. He was also the recipient of the first ever ABS-CBN "ELITE Platinum Award" in 2005 and of the 2006 Dr. Jose P. Rizal Award For Excellence. Jose Mari Chan also made it big with the song "Beautiful Girl" back in 1989 from his "Constant Change" album. I uploaded the whole "Christmas In Our Hearts" CD just in case you wanna have a copy and I still encourage you to buy the original. The CD Cover was conceptualized and designed by Aperture 32 Inc. and Photography by Teddy Tan. This CD contains 16 great tracks with a combination of original Christmas compositions and some traditional Christmas Carols. Like what I've mentioned before, nothing beats the Pinoy Christmas celebration and definitely whenever I hear "Christmas In Our Hearts" duet of Jose Mari Chan and Liza Chan I really feel the spirit of Christmas which will always be in my heart. Huh? Sounds like the song lyrics right? It has been a very busy Christmas Week for me attending Christmas Parties here and there. Those food trippings definitely will add up weight again so I guess I have to watch it out. He He He!! Well, that Christmas Shopping fever will never run out of style and I will never forget another touching experience of sharing some blessings to the needy when I was able to help out giving gifts to the less fortunate ones. Of course, attending masses whether It's the Simbang Gabi or the ordinary mass.The spirit of Christmas should always be in our hearts!!

LISTEN TO "A Perfect Christmas" HERE:

Christmas In Our Hearts

1.A Wish On Christmas Night
2.Do You Hear What I Hear?
3.Mary's Boy Child
4.Christmas In Our Hearts
5.A Christmas Carol
6.A Perfect Christmas
7.Give Me Your Heart For Christmas
8.This Beautiful Day
9.The Sound Of Life
10.Christmas Children
11.Little Christmas Tree
12.When A Child Is Born
13.It Is The Lord
14.The Lord's Prayer
15.Count Your Blessings (Instead Of Sheep)
16.May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You


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LISTEN TO "Christmas In Our Hearts" HERE:

- Jose Mari Chan Lyrics

Since the past two Christmas 2007 and 2008 I've been including Christmas Trees on my blogpost, then I'll continue the tradition this Christmas 2009 but I wasn't able to take that much photos
this time. Well, just a few pictures would do just to show you guys the Christmas Trees around the Malls here in MANILA. PASKO NA TALAGA!!

I hope you've enjoyed another Christmas blogpost of mine. Have a blessed CHRISTMAS everyone!! THANKS AGAIN for the blog support!! I'll leave you with an OPTICAL ILLUSION that will remind us of the TRUE MEANING of CHRISTMAS. Just follow the instructions guys. MALIGAYANG PASKO MGA KABAYANS!! THANKS for
droppping by again my lttle blog "The Doctor Is In"!! Take Care!!


May the spirit of Christmas
Be always in our hearts


Beth said...

Nice blog on Christmas. May your world be filled with good cheer and happy spirits this holiday season. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

DrStirringRhod said...

Merry Christmas to you too BETH!! Thanks for dropping by!! Happy Holidays!! :-)


The Pope said...

I love the music of Jose Mari Chan and as I was preparing my recent post, it was initially entitled "Christmas In Our Hearts" but was later changed to "Finding Peace On Christmas".

Thank you for sharing your passion and music collections to us, and may the blessing of the Holy Child be with you and your family always.

djjack7007 said...

Its a coincidence that I also gave my mom a copy of Jose Mari's Christmas Album coz she likes to listen to Christmas Songs and I consider this as one of my favourites. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

DrStirringRhod said...

Glad you like it Pope!! YUP!! This album deserves to be "The Best-Selling OPM Christmas Album Of All Time"!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :-)


DrStirringRhod said...

Merry Christmas to you too JACK!! One great Pinoy Christmas album indeed!! Definitely, It's Timeless after two decades. :-) God Bless you and your family!! THANKS again for dropping by!!


DJ Mike A said...

Merry Christmas Docstir! thanx for the visit on my blog & the greetings. :)

DJ MikeA

DrStirringRhod said...

Merry Christmas din DJ Mike A.!! Enjoy your Holidays bro!! :-)
God Bless you and your family!!