Hello guys!! Another year is about to end or I may say another decade is about to end. YUP!! The years 2000-2009 is considered a decade. I wonder what decade do we call it? Well, we have the 60s,70s,80's and 90s right? So what do we call the decade of 2000-2009? Or even the incoming decade of 2010-2019? New Year's Eve here in the Philippines really goes on a BIG BANG. YUP!! Those Firecrackers (Paputok in Pilipino) never missed the agenda on every PINOY New Year's Celebration. Though, comparing to the past decades, I've noticed that there is indeed a much decrease in the usage of firecrackers nowadays. I remember during the 80s, as early as 8pm and up until the clock strikes 12midnyt the blasting effect of these firecrackers are very much alive and It can still be heard up to 2 a.m. and that's Non-stop. Wheew!! Well this time around, when It's 1 a.m .you couldn't hear that much anymore. Remember Five Star, Pla Pla, Judas Belt, Crying Cow and more of these stuffs. So becareful Kabayans and be safe okay. Be sure your ANATOMY is still complete!! I can still remember those patients of mine which were blasted by these dangerous firecrackers especially those parts of their body needed to be amputated. KEEP SAFE OKAY!! A lot of things have happened around us this year 2009 and I'm still very greatful for all my blessings and hopefully It continues. Of course, good health is always included on my list. Kabayans, get your different types of ROUNDED FRUITS ready for MEDIA NOCHE. So GOODBYE 2009 and HELLO 2010!! THANKS EVERYONE for the continuing blog support because without you guys this blog will not last this long. I'll still try my best to make every blogpost of mine here on "The Doctor Is In" very unique, interesting, alive and kicking. YUP!! That's on my spare time if my schedules permit. This would be my very last blogpost for the year 2009. I've uploaded two songs for you to listen to and I hope you'll like it. GOD BLESS US EVERYONE for the year 2010!! PEACE ON EARTH and GOODWILL TO MANKIND!! Take Care!!

LISTEN TO "New Year's Day" by U2

I'll leave you with a SCOTTISH POEM turned TRADITIONAL FOLK SONG which is usually sang on NEW YEAR'S EVE. This is none other than "AULD LANG SYNE"!! I used to play this tune on the piano on New Year's Eve back on those days. Well, I'll be giving you the Jazzy Bossa Nova Version of the song from my Bossa Christmas CD. I hope you'll like it too. Btw. I used the Barenaked Ladies Lyrics for us to sing to the tune.ENJOY!!

LET'S SING TOGETHER "Auld Lang Syne"!!

- Barenaked Ladies Lyrics




The Pope said...

I am wishing you and your family a blessed New Year. Thank you so much for sharing your music collections during 2009 and may the coming 2010 bring more promises to you and your blog.


DrStirringRhod said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR din sayo Pope!! MARAMING SALAMAT sa supporta!! :-)


Life Moto said...

happy new year to you and your family. have a nice holiday! Cheers and hope tp see you next year!

DrStirringRhod said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family too LifeMoto!! God Bless!!


new wave crossover said...

doc' happy new year sir''and family have a safe one'

DrStirringRhod said...

Happy New Year to you and your family too NWC!! THANKS!!


NOISEBOX said...

Happy New Year McDoc! Your posts are really interesting!

DrStirringRhod said...

Happy New Year din NOISEBOX!! Btw, hindi po ako si McDoc. :-) Siya si bingbong ng evo-xr. :-)


NOISEBOX said...

oops, i was suppose to put just doc..sorry!

DrStirringRhod said...

No problem NB. :-)

DrStirringRhod said...

Archived from my CHATBOX:

6 Jan 10, 23:39
DrStirringRhod: THANKS AGAIN everyone for the New Year's greetings!! :-) I MABUHAY!! :-)
2 Jan 10, 12:27
New Waver: hapi nu yr doc! more nice blogs 4 2010 & beyond.
2 Jan 10, 03:37
PAUL: .....passing by. Great blog you have! Happy New Year and keep it up.
2 Jan 10, 00:41
workshy: Happy New Year Doc and Happy Birthday!!!
1 Jan 10, 23:34
otts: doc! nakalagay sa multiply account nyo, birthday nyo january 1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!:D
1 Jan 10, 21:50
jon tupaz: doc... a very happy 2010 to you... and more features on your blog about everything that counts.. more power, more blessings, more of everything...
1 Jan 10, 19:55
Jayster: Doc! Happy new year :)
1 Jan 10, 16:09
Yunchun: Have a nice day :D
1 Jan 10, 15:44
Joven: happy new year!
1 Jan 10, 09:14
mayor: happynew year doc! more power toyou!
1 Jan 10, 03:13
chikletz: happy new year to you too! :D
31 Dec 09, 18:26
DrStirringRhod: HAPPY NEW YEAR otts!! We miss you too guys!! Btw, Meron nadin kami nung Bossa Nova New Wave. THANKS for dropping by and Take Care. Best Wishes for 2010!! :-)
31 Dec 09, 18:25
DrStirringRhod: You're VERY WELCOME kuyaoba!! :-)
31 Dec 09, 16:15
otts: eh. haha but anyway, okay lang yun:) maybe next time. hehe take care po!:) -otts
31 Dec 09, 16:14
otts: si mommy ai nung nasa record bar ako one time, nakita ko yung bossa nova cds plus new wave. haha sayang! ewan ko ba sa class namin bakit iba nabigay, haha sabi ko gif suggestion nyo yung bossa nova cd
31 Dec 09, 16:13
otts: daddy! haha natawa ako dun sa "Be sure your ANATOMY is still complete" hahah! doc na doc ang dating eh. haha anyway, happy new year to you and to mommy doc ai. :) we miss you both. naalala ko po pala
29 Dec 09, 05:10
kuyaoba: Doc, a milion thanks for uploading war of indies..the best xmas present ever! Happy New Year!
28 Dec 09, 16:53
DrStirringRhod: THANKS for the CHRISTMAS GREETINGS everyone!! :-)
28 Dec 09, 16:51
DrStirringRhod: Hello kuyaoba and Kenshin!! Request granted just check out my blogpost. ENJOY!! :-)
27 Dec 09, 03:38
Free Music Download: Hi ! I like your blog and request link exchange. Give me a shout at my Cbox.
25 Dec 09, 22:40
kuyaoba: Doc, A very merry Xmas to you and your family..the best of 2010! Hope u havent forgot to upload the war of indie for me..consider it as your year end gift to me..regards
25 Dec 09, 10:39
pogz: merry xmas doc! pwede magpatule? nyahahahaha
25 Dec 09, 09:16
Joven Balin: Merry Christmas Doc Stir!
25 Dec 09, 03:08
Andys80s: Thanks for the Christmas greeting Doc!
25 Dec 09, 01:46
Sergio: Merry Xmas doc and Happy Holidays to you, family and friends :cool:
25 Dec 09, 01:27
rubbeet: doc!!! thanksss for d msg! Merry Xmas din sayo! all d best!
24 Dec 09, 21:43
Vita: Merry Christmas !!! :)
24 Dec 09, 11:23
fred: meri xmas doc! ;) more power and godbless!
24 Dec 09, 10:56
Fervox: Merry Christmas DoC!!!, the best for you in 2010..
23 Dec 09, 21:40
henry: MeRrY cHrIsTmAs DoC ! ! ! God Bless and Mabuhay ka!!! :biggrin:
23 Dec 09, 10:41
beatmeister: merry christmas docstir!! all the best this season. :)
23 Dec 09, 08:58
McDoC: Merry Christmas DSR and family. God bless and best wishes to you bro. :)
23 Dec 09, 02:33
KOLABLOGRADIO&DJ ULTRASOU: thank you:)you to :glad:
23 Dec 09, 00:02
Tangkad99: Merry Christmas and happy New Year Doc!
22 Dec 09, 22:58
DrStirringRhod: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Enjoy your holidays!! God Bless!! ;) Take Care guys!!