I've been collecting Vinyl Records since 1983 and by the 90s I slowed down a bit and started buying again after the second millennium began. Although, I only have a modest collection, I still consider the sound of Vinyl Records better than the CDs. Lately, I've noticed a comeback of this large round disk that plays good music on the turntable. Well, just my little tribute to this classic groove thing, I decided to feature some interesting Videos about Vinyl Records here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In". Some of you guys might have seen these videos already, but still It's worth watching It again. For those who haven't watch these stuffs yet, then get ready for a trip down memory lane. A Vinyl Record is a disk made of vinyl plastic wherein the sound is recorded on a very fine line or groove which goes around and around in a spiral rotation from the outside edge of the disk to the center. It is usually played on a phonograph which plays the sound with a needle that touches the groove. A record usually has different music on each side. Thomas Edison made early phonographs in the 1870s. He originally used wax cylinders to record the sound, but vinyl disks were soon used instead.

So here it goes guys!! I hope you'll enjoy watching these stuffs.

Here's how Vinyl Records are made:

Here's a touching story of the man who owns "THE GREATEST RECORD COLLECTION IN THE WORLD".

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

Well, I hope you like my own little tribute to the VINYL RECORD. THANKS AGAIN guys for dropping by!!


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