It was a few weeks before CHRISTMAS 1994 when 90s Legendary Radio LA 105.9ROCK promoted this PINOY Christmas Compilation album on air. It was then made available on Record Bars which made 1994 Christmas Pinoy Alternative Rock Spirit very alive and kicking. YEEEBAAAH!! This was the time when the PINOY ALTERNATIVE ROCK Scene was still booming here in the PHILIPPINES. PINOY BAND SHANGHAIED's version of "LITTLE DRUMMER BOY" was the first song I heard over at LA105. This song was also played on NU107 that time so I guess It would be the first Christmas Hit on this compilation. This compilation was produced by ED FORMOSO for IBA MUSIC which was a subdivision of the main record company who released it which was VIVA RECORDS. The Production Manager was Joey Formoso and the Supervising Producer was Fred Samantela. If we are going to zoom in on the album art packaging then there was Juliet Nanola-Fetalvero for Art Direction and of course that great cover illustration which became the Trademark of "CHRISTMAS ON THE ROCKS" was by Egai Cantuba. Cool drawing of a Hippy guy wearing Red and Green dress. The Executive Producer was Ricky Del Rosario. So why did I mention these guys? Well, just to give them credit of their creative work because I really love this Pinoy Christmas Compilation and up until now the Songs here never did ran out of style. I still listen to them!! The bands here are very talented musicians indeed but unfortunately none of them right now are in the current PINOY ROCK scene anymore. I'm talking about the Original Bands per se.

I immediately bought the Cassette Tape of this once it was released back then and It was really overplayed on my Tape Deck, Walkman and Car Stereo. He He he!! It was only Christmas 1998 when I finally decided to buy the CD when I saw It still available at SM CUBAO at a much lower price. Hmmmp!! Price Catch I may say because I know some friends of mine who wanted to buy my original copy of this great PINOY CHRISTMAS CD recently. Of course, I decline because this is indeed "Out Of Print" and "Hard To Find" already. I consider It treasures both my worn-out cassette tape format and my ever reliable Compact Disc which I still play every Christmas Season since then. SULIT TALAGA!! I was able to find time to UPLOAD the entire CD for you guys to have a copy and play it on CHRISTMAS DAY. Like PEPE SMITH would say"ROCK AND ROLL"!! So KABAYANS just ENJOY THE MUZIC!!

FILE SIZE: ~35.81 megabytes

1) Namamasko- Shampoo ni Lola
2) Pasko Na Naman- Dahong Palay
3) Magbigayan- Leowai
4) Silent Night- DJ Alvaro
5) Paskong Anong Saya- Saga
6) Himig ng Pasko- Edge of Illusion
7) Little Drummer Boy- Shanghaied
8) Ang Aming Bati Ay Magandang Pasko- Balahibumpooza
9) Sa Paskong Darating- Half Life Half Death
10)Noche Buena- Annointed Cherubs
11)Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit- Ang Grupong Pendong
12)Pasko ng Mahirap, Pasko ng Mayaman- Sandugo

Click the Picture of both my CD and TAPE to download the entire CD:

PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

After the success of the Pinoy Rock compilation entitled "A DOZEN ALTERNATIVES" in 1994, here is another DOZEN PINOY ALTERNATIVE ROCK BANDS this time singing you some Christmas Carols which includes some Original Compositions, Classic Filipino Traditional Christmas Carols, and some band's version of Foreign Christmas Songs that would definitely make your season bright and merry. My ultimate favorite here is SANDUGO's "PASKO NG MAHIRAP, PASKO NG MAYAMAN". My brother and I use to sing this together back then while strumming our acoustic guitar. Wheeew!! Great Memories!! I also love DJ ALVARO's Pilipino version of "SILENT NIGHT". YUP!! Coming from her success on her hit single "Ang Tipo Kong Lalaki" you would hear her sing this Christmas Song. Naaah!! Hindi na siya "Medyo Bastos" tulad ng tipo niyang lalaki. Ha Ha Ha!! Of course, the classic "ANG PASKO AY SUMAPIT" arranged this time by ANG GRUPONG PENDONG will rock your Christmas KABAYAN. PENDONG KALAS? So where's the bald guy? He He He!!

Here's a photo of HALF LIFE HALF DEATH courtesy of ALFIE MELLA the lead vocalist of the band. Together with HLHD was ANG GRUPONG PENDONG when they were promoting this great compilation on the Legendary GMA Channel 7 show "GMA SUPERSHOW" hosted by GERMAN MORENO back in DECEMBER 1994 few days before CHRISTMAS.

There were also series of Concerts entitled "CHRISTMAS ON THE ROCKS" and the recent one was held last year DECEMBER 14, 2007 at ERMITA MANILA.

I do hope you enjoyed the trip again down memory lane KABAYANS!! But this time with the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS!! Thanks again for reading my blogpost and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS with your love ones. You guys TAKE CARE!!

sa inyong lahat!!


eLf ideas said...

Thanks for including my band. Yeah, those were heydays! Unfotunately HLHD id no longer in the scene, but at least its key players still continue to perform and make music up to these days. HLHD lead guitarist Rain Paggao plays with The Smiths-tributists Dead Pop Stars and releases albums independently under the moniker The Rain, HLHD bassist Ramil Aznar front Dream Kitchen, and yours truly...*wink*

DrStirringRhod said...

Thanks Alfie!! Keep on rocking man!!


wowie said...


Thanks for including Shampoo ni Lola. Wish I could turn back time, it was pure and raw pinoy rock music then. By the way we are still alive and kicking though we are more active in the underground scene where our music is true.

Rock en roll!!

Wowie- Cables of Shampoo

DrStirringRhod said...

Hello WOWIE!! It's an honor for me to have you here in my little blog. A band member of SHAMPOO NI LOLA. THANKS for dropping by!! Btw, Just like to ask "Ano ba talaga and ginagamit na SHAMPOO NI LOLA?" He He He!!


DrStirringRhod said...

Archived from my CHATBOX:

23 Dec 08, 20:24
Rhenzo: ayos yang mga pinoy alternatives na yan doc. Im still keeping my A Dozen Alternative And BATUHAN cd
23 Dec 08, 11:49
JV: merry christmas dok! tnx 4 ds xmas presents. more power to ur blog!

frederick said...

sira na yung link bro. pede pong paki upload sa 4shared, or ibang link naman.. salamat.. gusto ko ng version ng balahibumpoosa..

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi frederick!! I'll try to upload it again. THANKS for dropping by blog!!


Unknown said...

musta na mga chong! tnx for including us here. now ko lang nabasa-bryce annointed cherubs!

DrStirringRhod said...

HELLO Bryce!! Nice to see a member of Anointed Chrubs here in my blog!! It's an honor!! GLAD you like my blogpost. Do come back again. :-)

Unknown said...

paki-up para ma-download...tnx