My "ALL SOULS DAY" Blogpost!!

Today is NOVEMBER 2, 2008 and for Pinoys it's "ALL SOULS DAY". Though, It's usually celebrated on NOVEMBER 1st which is "ALL SAINTS DAY" It is still the same for Filipinos either the 1st or the 2nd of November. The important thing is that Pinoys remember their departed love ones on these days by visiting the cemeteries. This blogpost of mine is inspired by this great Filipino Tradition that I'm proud of which is pass on generation to generation. Of course the blogpost title is from the classic JOY DIVISION song entitled "DEAD SOULS". So what now? I would just like to pay tribute to some departed artist on the music genre I really love. Well, there are too many to mention but I've just trimmed down the list because I just can't place all of them here in my blogpost.

IAN CURTIS (July 15, 1956-May 18, 1980)

Well, definitely first on the list is JOY DIVISION's legendary lead singer IAN CURTIS who was responsible for the song "DEAD SOULS". Pinoy Wavers and Punks would always remember him with the XB Classic "Love Will Tear Us Apart". Due to health and marital problems IAN decided to end his life by hanging himself in the kitchen. A life so gloomy and dark indeed and a controversial one. And would you believe guys that his tombstone was stolen last June this year. Huh? That's how IAN made an impact on the music industry and his life and works has recently made headlines.

TEDDY DIAZ (April 1, 1963 - August 21, 1988)

Next on my list would be TEDDY DIAZ, the legendary guitarist of THE DAWN. Pinoy Wavers, Punks, and Hardcores were really shocked on his untimely death 20 years ago because he was stabbed to death by two unknown bystanders who were definitely under the influence of drugs and alcohol just in front of his girlfriend's house. Up until now the case is unsolved. This was the time when THE DAWN was just peaking up in the PINOY ROCK scene. I'm sure he has a lot to offer for his fans but it was really sad that it has to end very early.

MICHAEL HUTCHENCE (January 22, 1960- November 22, 1997)

Suicide Blonde is an INXS hit and who would think of that MICHAEL HUTCHENCE, their lead singer, committed suicide. Though, reports said that there were lack of suicide note and any anecdotal evidence the theory of his death was by hanging himself because of a belt found on the scene on a hotel in Sydney. Autoerotic asphyxiation was believed to be the cause of his death because he was also found naked. INXS came over here in MANILA last AUGUST, 2006 to perform Live with a brand new singer but for me INXS without Michael would never be the same again. I may say his life was "Elegantly Wasted". Hmmmp!! Another INXS hit KABAYAN.

ADRIAN BORLAND (December 6, 1957–April 26, 1999)

I could still remember the classic line of the Legendary XB DJs back in 1986-87 "This is the sound of THE SOUND in TOTAL RECALL". YUP!! The LIVE VERSION of THE SOUND's "TOTAL RECALL" was an XB classic and a massive hit for Pinoy Wavers during those times. Who is the lead singer of the band? It's this mysterious guy name ADRIAN BORLAND. Huh? Another suicide case but this time it's much horrifying because Adrian committed suicide by throwing himself underneath a speeding train in England. This was the time when he was finishing his solo "Harmony And Destruction" album. Wow!! What a title for an album considering the circumtances that happened to him. He was stricken with illness that dates back 1987 and before his death there were already signs of severe depression and agitation. I guess he was just "COUNTING THE DAYS".

JOHN PEEL(August 30,1939–October 25, 2004)

It was 1987 when I first heard the term "PEEL SESSION" when WXB102 played the PEEL SESSION version of NEW ORDER's "Dreams Never End". After that, other so-called PEEL SESSIONS were played by XB and was continued by both BM and NU in 1988-1990. So what's this PEEL SESSION? Of course Pinoy Wavers weren't able to hear JOHN PEEL's BBC radio broadcasts back in the 80s and informatiom about him wasn't available that much. JOHN PEEL was BBC's Radio One DJ from 1967 to 2004 and has helped a lot of independent artist to shine and later be known in the music scene. He was well respected due to his kind of eclectic music taste and his warm and honest broadcasting style. He died due of heart attack during a working holiday in Peru. A good guy to be missed who has inspired a lot of people and has touched a lot of lives


The last occasion wherein the members of RAMONES were seen together was JULY 20, 1999 when Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny, Marky and Tommy appeared together at the Virgin Megastore in New York City for an autograph signing.

JOEY RAMONE (May 19, 1951 – April 15, 2001)

Two years after the New York autograph signing RAMONES frontman JOEY died of Lymphoma. A true Icon indeed!!

Then on 2002, Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny, Marky and Tommy Ramone were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Dee Dee RAMONE (September 18, 1951-June 5, 2002)

Two months after the RAMONES induction the founding member and bassist Dee Dee RAMONE was found dead on his Hollywood, California apartment due to heroin overdose.

JOHNNY RAMONE(October 8, 1948 – September 15, 2004)

One of the intact RAMONES member, JOHNNY together with JOEY never really left the band. JOHNNY died in his home due to complications of prostate cancer. Eddie Vedder and Rob Zombie were at the side of this legendary RAMONES guitarist when he died.

JOE STRUMMER(August 21,1952 –December 22, 2002)

It was only few days before CHRISTMAS 2002 when this Punk Icon suddenly died of a heart problem. JOE STRUMMER died with an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. THE CLASH was in the plans for a reunion then JOE just left this world when everyone thought that he could still continue to share music like what he had been doing during his lifetime. A favorite among Pinoy Wavers and Punks!! This guy would be surely missed.

SID VICIOUS (May 10 1957–February 2,1979)

SEX PISTOLS bassist SID VICIOUS is one of those controversial figure in PUNK history. Coming off weaned of heroine, this punk icon just cannot let go of it. Celebrating his bail, SID VICIOUS obtained some doses of heroine during the party. According to experts his tolerance became lower and does inducing some terrible effects on his body taking in heroine again. Wow!! Another victim of heroine overdose. I guess he would have sung it "I did it MY WAY!"

ROBERT PALMER (January 19,1949–September 26,2003)

Pinoy Wavers would definitely remember ROBERT PALMER with his PEPSI Commercial which is "SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE". YUP!! All those gorgeous and sexy ladies beside him that looks very similar with each other and dance together with grace. And of course, the band THE POWER STATION since DURAN DURAN was really big here in MANILA so the split up of the band members JOHN and ANDY TAYLOR created chaos among Pinoy Duranees. I was also able to watch ROBERT PALMER LIVE IN MANLA back in 1989 and had great memories of this great musician. He died from heart attack in Paris France.

WOW!! Finally my blogpost is done!!! Wheew!! That was tough indeed. Hmmp!!

We only live our life once so we should live it to the fullest. Try to make each day special for you and everyone around you. I hope you guys like this special blogpost I made for "ALL SOULS DAY". A Filipino Tradition that is sure to last till the end of time. Like the title of a THE THE album.... It's "SOUL MINING" indeed!! PROUD TO BE PINOY!!




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DrStirringRhod: jasonsteele, thanks for dropping by. Let's feature them next time.
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cheers doc, nice article

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galing doc! ;-) tnx!

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Thanks frederick and ryan for the comments!! Salamat din sa mga bumisita sa blogpost na ito. :-)

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Nice post - thanks for reminding us about the great talents we have lost.
Ian Curtis, Joe Strummer and Adrian Borland all had a huge impact on me.
The world is a slightly emptier place without them.

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THANKS "the" for dropping a line. CHEERS!!