Well, last year I recieved an email having these photos of TRANSFORMERS. I know It's a bit late for this thing because some websites featured it already, nevertheless, it's worth the trip again to see this robots. He He He!! So what makes it different from the original TRANSFORMERS? Better check it out because this is the PINOY STYLE of TRANSFORMERS!! Enjoy!!
Let's start with their leader "OPTIBUS PRIME". KABAYAN, what do think? JAM TRANSIT or the PHILIPPINE RABBIT bus? Recently, there were lots of bad accidents involving these buses here in the Philippines. I guess, we need Optibus Prime to stop this wreckless drivers.

Of course, Optimus' opponent "MEGATREN" is included on the list. Hmmmp? KABAYAN, there goes our MRT and LRT. Wow!! I remember back in college we used TOKENS to enter and ride the LRT. Nowadays, we use the swipe card that has the photo of our president. Wonder why? He He He!

Who would forget PINOY's reliable transportation.....The Jeepney!! It's "BUMBLE JEEP" on the loose. So what do you think KABAYAN? Are they made by SARAO or AMANTE Motors? I may say they are The King Of The Road!! Would General Douglas Macarthur ride this kind of jeepneys? As PINOY would say "Para Lang Po Sa Tabi". Remember "Ang Katok Ay Para Sa Pinto, Ang Psssst!! Ay Para sa Aso, at Ang Para Ay Para Sa Tao". HmmmP!

The Pinoy Jeepneys are threaten by the AUVs and the most popular of them all are the TOYOTA TAMARAW FX. YUP!! So I present you "COLORUM" the FX version!! They were the new breed of TAXIs that were introduced here in MANILA in the early 90s. Right now there are a lot of AUVs already on the streets here in the Philippines. Personally, I find the FX much more comfortable because of the wide space inside the vehicle. Why colorum? Well up until now there are still a lot of illegal franchises.

We were just talking about taxi so here it goes the original Pinoy Taxi "BARRICAB". The Yellow Cab was very popular before here in the Philippines but right now the color of the taxi changed to white. Though, there are still some yellow cab roaming the streets. Oooops!! Not the Pizza thing okay. He He He!!

So let's go now to the barangay level. I present you "KAGAWADZZ" the vehicle for the barangay officials like the Kagawads, Chairmans, even the councilors. Of coure, if you talk about Congressman I guess they aren't included here and they don't ride this kind of vehicles. Ha Ha Ha!! You know what I mean KABAYAN? Like the NEW ORDER album "Power, Corruption. And Lies".
Breaker...breaker..... If we are talking about School Bus then here goes "SEMBREAKER". Let's bring the kids to school now okay. They should not be late!! Every student loves Semestral Break.

Another source of tranportation here in the Philippines is the reliable Tricycle. So I present you "MEGATRIKE" bringing our KABAYANS to those places that the jeepneys cannot reach on their route.

If you don't ride the Tricycle then PINOYS have the Pedicap so here goes "FRENZIKAD". I'm just touched with the Pedicab Drivers because they uses really their strength to pedal our commuters to where they would go. What if the passengers are heavy? Naaah!!
Hey guys!! Let's pause for a break and let's eat Dirty Ice Cream. What? YUP!! PINOYS call this sorbetes as Dirty Ice Cream and up to now I don't get it. Oooows!! Actually this Ice Cream are not dirty okay. Here I present you "STICECREAM" usually pushed by our favorite Mamang Sorbetero. Is there an Aling Sorbetero KABAYAN? Just asking guys. He He He!! Definitely, I scream for ice cream!! So what flavor? Ube, Cheese, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Mango? Acheche!!
Last on the list would be "BARICART". Well, you could see a fruit stand but most of them are the cart used by the ones who would buy and sell old newspaper and bottles. KABAYANS would know it as Dyaryo Bote.

I just presented you the creative work of PINOY, I hope you like my little presentation on each robots. I just hope with the current rollback of oil prices here in MANILA there would also be a fare rollback. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to those KABAYAN who created them. GALING!! SALAMAT ULIT!!

...More Than Meets The Eye!!



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djrhom wrote on Nov 6, '08
yung nasa kaliwa mukhang logo ng ust tigers at yung nasa kanan ay logo ng feu tamaraws...just trippin'

dsri wrote on Nov 6, '08
djrhom said
yung nasa kaliwa mukhang logo ng ust tigers at yung nasa kanan ay logo ng feu tamaraws...just trippin'
He He He!! Thanks for dropping by djrhom!! :-)

fredericknegapatan wrote on Nov 6,'08
galeng ng nakaisip neto. hahaha!!!

junmiro wrote on Nov 7, '08
Astig Ni Megatren he he...

dsri wrote on Nov 9, '08
junmiro said
Astig Ni Megatren he he...
Oo nga JUN!! :-) Diba MEGATRAIN yung tawag sa LRT 2? Oh pati name na MEGATREN kuhang kuha. Ha Ha Ha!!

rebelletsjunior wrote on Nov 16, '08
lang hiya Doc....ok ito....tamaraw ang transformers natin...hay naku...pinoy nga naman:-)

btw, thank you for allowing me to repost in my site...

skyray is love,

lopez05 wrote on Jan 15
Good work and good art


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This is so cool! :) very creative :)