"Part Four"
HELLO READERS!! I'm here again to feature another NEW WAVE MIX from my good friend Dindo Lopez aka. "Snoog" who incidentally was my first MIX Contributor in this blog. YUP!! That started a grilling TREND on NEW WAVE MIXES around the PINOY Blogosphere. Of course, my encouragement to my Blogger Friends "THE BEATMEISTER" and "djdocT" to also do me a NEW WAVE MIX have also sparked a lot of interest on PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES in the Blogosphere lately that I'm happy of. AYUZ ba BEAT? Galing natin maginspire noh? He He He!! A KABAYAN of mine also reactivated his old blog by promoting it on Multiply. YUP!! Inspired by my concept I may say. I'm also glad I'm back blogging again because as you will notice I have a few blogpost last JULY to SEPTEMBER this year. I also wanna thank BENJIE of "THE VAULT" because he shared his two mixes also for you guys. Expect more NEW WAVE MIXES from PINOYS in my future blogpost. Hmmmp!! Coming from some of my KABAYAN DJs on PDDJ perhaps? Right THAD and BEAT? Yeeebaaah!!!

So here goes the fourth MIX shared to you guys by SNOOG. Btw, hope you leave any comments if you do like the mix because that would make Snoog and me happy too. This is for promotional use only okay.

Title: VA- Dark All Over Manila II (The Howling Mix 2008)
Mixed By: SnooG
Date: October 31,2008
Genre: Darkwave / PostpunkTime: 00:50:13

01 She Sells Sanctuary
02 Garden Of Delight
03 Krista
04 Heaven Is Waiting
05 Like An Animal
06 How Beautiful You Are
07 Sickel Moon
08 No Time To Cry
09 On A Dark Day
10 Flame
11 Severina
12 World Without
13 Stop Dead
14 Inside Out
15 Love Removal Machine

CLICK the DRAGON pix to download the mix:

What can say? I'm just speechless SNOOG!! GREAT SET again and It will just leave you breathless. It includes music from The Cure, The Cult, The Mission, Sisters Of Mercy, and incoming MANILA visitor GENE LOVES JEZEBEL. YUP!! Considered as a followup of his "DARK OVER MANILA MIX" that I featured on "Snoog Mix Part Three".Btw, I placed a special Blogpost Label for Snoog so if you wanna read all my blog entries about this great KABAYAN and his mixes just click "Snoog" on the right lower corner of my blog. Nice picture of the BIG CLOCK in MANILA CITY HALL!! Hmmmp!! It's really MANILA not LONDON. He He He!! I hope you do like this set just like I did. THANKS again Snoog!! ENJOY THE MUZIC!!

MABUHAY ka Snoog!!

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Dindo said...

Thanks Again DOC..You Are The One Inspired Us! Mabuhay Ka!..And Also To All DOC's Visitors>> THANK YOU..Pinoy New Wavers & 80s DJs..For Keeping Our Generation Alive & Kicking!