During the 80s, NEW WAVE was very much the flavor for PINOY Youngsters and as I've mentioned it a lot here in my little blog. Definitely WXB 102, POWER 105, and NU 107 became the haven for PINOY WAVERS. Although, other stations like 99.5RT also plays this kind of musical genre but if PINOYS would talk about NEW WAVE then Its XB,BM,and NU. While these three radio station were doing their thing ITALO DISCO was also a part of MANILA's airwaves. In fact even XB and BM had some ITALO on their playlist but not those really "out of their kind" music that don't match the station's concept. He He He!!

So what's ITALO DISCO for PINOYS? Hmmmp!! SCOTCH, DEN HARROW, MARX AND SPENCER and a lot more. So how about the songs? WOW!! KABAYAN, who would forget the songs "Dumio", "Swiss Boy", "Touch By Touch", "Take Me Up", at ang walang kamatayan na "Brother Louie". Ha Ha Ha!! Very popular played in JUKEBOX!! Hmmp!! I haven't seen one for a long time. It got extinct I may say.

ITALO DISCO was a style of electronic dance music during the 80s. As the name implies, the term refers to music coming from ITALIAN ARTISTS back on those days but sometimes It was also used for groups in other European countries in conjunction with the so-called euro disco movement. This musical genre had a more synth pop/electro feel to it than American disco, which had funk and soul roots. I guess a lot of definitions or interpretations can be made on what ITALO DISCO means. In short, It's really difficult to classify and distinguish this genre. YUP!! It's like the definition of NEW WAVE which definitely differs from each part of the world perspectives.

For trivia purposes, according to BENJIE of THE VAULT the first ITALO DISCO played on POWER105 was Marx and Spencer's "STAY".


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