Where Have All The Wavers Gone?

A question of what has happened to PINOY WAVERS after almost three decades of NEW WAVE MUSIC. Btw, thanks to my friend and KABAYAN RUBBEET, one of the Moderators of NEW WAVE ZONE, for this streamer of a New Wave Party here in Manila that I'm using for my blogpost. Well, the title definitely puzzled me in a way so I decided to make a blogpost about it. It was wayback 1983 when I began liking this Musical Genre called NEW WAVE and then I started collecting Vinyl Records and cassette tapes of this kind of music back then. There weren't CDs that time here in MANILA so the old classic records and tapes were the ones that ruled every collection of PINOY WAVERS.

I started a Forum Thread at the NEW WAVE OUTPOST back in 2006 entitled "When did you start to like the NEW WAVE GENRE?". Click the NWO Logo to enter the thread:

It has been more than two decades already and recently I just thought of checking out on my friends, classmates,relatives, and KABAYANS who grew up listening to this musical genre and it seems that a lot of this people have lay low already. Well, of course due to many different priorities in life that have been with the changes of time. Last month, I was able to talk to a high school batchmate of mine and I was just shocked of the news that some of our batchmates have already passed away. Dead already!! That was sad news indeed. Some are due to accidents while others regarding health problems. These were the people who grew up listening and dancing to NEW WAVE. I also got to know a lot of KABAYANS of mine in the MULTIPLY WORLD who are already residing and working in different countries around the world and was really glad to know that a lot of them still collects NEW WAVE/PUNK stuffs like CDs, Vinyl Records, and some Cassette Tapes. Well, some of my close friends who are into collecting Vinyls before have really stopped their passion of collecting these stuffs. While some of them disregarded their Vinyls and started collecting CDs. I am just lucky I'm still collecting up to now all formats. He He He!!

An important year in MANILA's New Wave FM radio dial was 1987. I made a blogpost entitled "1987" last April so check it out by clicking the photo of an issue of LIFE MAGAZINE given to me by co-multiplier "Rocketcab".

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I basically use my MULTIPLY Account to promote this BLOGSPOT.COM of mine and share my own personal inputs on the musical genre I grew up listening to. YUP!! My Multiply and Blogspot.com are related to each other. A preview on Multiply and the whole article here. He He He! My very own version of blogging I may say. I've been doing this ever since last year when I started "The Doctor Is In (The Home Of Dr. Stirring Rhod)" and it has been effective enough to reach out to everyone who also loves the music. I'm very thankful to everyone would have been visiting my blog because it encourages me to share more. Hmmmp!! DRAMATIC I MAY SAY!! He He He!! Blogging for me is fun and relaxation outside my working schedules and I see to it that this blog of mine is very unique and different from others. I still believe in originality all the way. My simple way of doing things outside the borders of life. A PINOY blog that showcase the New Wave,Punk, and Hardcore scene here in the PHILIPPINES. Of course, It's not entirely about music but some other things that would come up on my thoughts.

Last year and up to the present there were a lot of NEW WAVE PARTIES organized here in MANILA that have at least revived the scene and most of it would be a REUNION of sorts for PINOY WAVERS. Legendary Mobiles during the 80s are back spinning records again. Well, thanks to IGGY POGZ and the rest of the guys they have at least kept the fire burning.

Here are some POSTER ADS of the NEW WAVE PARTIES last year and up to now.
Courtesy of POGZ PAZ:


Hmmmp!! Do I hear a POWER105 REUNION guys? Okay yan because WXB102 had already a reunion party last April of this year. Pogz told me that he will retire organizing these NEW WAVE Parties if this DZBM Reunion thing happens. Ooooows!! I don't believe it. He He He!!

When I watched the "LOST 80s LIVE IN MANILA CONCERT" last April 19,2008 I realized that there were indeed a decline in interest on New Wave in a sense. ARANETA COLISEUM wasn't in full attendance even though there were three NEW WAVE bands who performed that night. Another New Wave band is visiting MANILA next week and this time It's GENE LOVES JEZEBEL. I wonder how would the crowd turn out be? Time flies so quickly and sometimes you won't even notice it. So "Where Have All The Wavers Gone?". I guess this ends up my blospost for today. Thank you very much for reading it.

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kurt said...

...they went on to listen to different stuff..shoegaze (My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Lush, Pale Saints,etc..) twee (Field Mice, Heavenly, Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura, etc..) jangle pop (Wedding Present, Chesterfields, June Brides, etc..) madchester (Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets, etc..
.incidentally, all these bands has roots from 80's new wave (The Smiths, The Cure, New Order, Jesus & Mary Chain, etc...)

tikbalang said...

hello. i'm looking for details on the compilation album released by NU107 (Philippines) some time between 1988 and 1990. it had On Paper by Three O' Clock and a song by 'Til Tuesday. "NU107" was prominent on the upper left of the cover, and the main background color was greenish. other than that i can't remember. i had the tape version which i lost in a house fire in 1993. there may have been a vinyl version.

i'm hoping for hi-res cover scans/ads but a simple songlist will do. thank you very much.

tikbalang at gmail dot com